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Borivali’s New Address for Pubbing @ Penthouzz

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

( They mention Kandivali in the address though ;))

Place : Penthouzz

Location : V Mall , Borivali (East ) , Mumbai

19th & 27th October 2016

My sister being a snob does not prefer going to places in and around Borivali. Being Borivali residents we are then left with no choice but to head to Andheri – Lokhandwala area for our drinking nights. Amidst this when you come across a really cool pub it’s a biggg relief !

So, on a Saturday Night , a friend and I headed here around 10ish. The place being a stone’s throw away from my place I was more than happy.

Its located on the roof top of a very sad mall called V Mall. The elevator that takes you there makes you wonder, ‘am I going to the right place ?’ but hold on there!

Once you are at Penthouzz there comes a surprise and not a shock. It is huge. Divided in three different sections – Smoking which is outdoor with interesting swing chairs, Indoor Non-AC lounge chairs & Family Section. Overall they claim to have 100 tables. Music is a mix of EDM , Pop and Bollywood and they do have acoustic nights with soulful music!

During my first visit, we chose to sit in the Smoking Area. It was perfect to unwind on the swing chairs after a hectic day at work. I could spot a lot of people mainly having Hookah. This seems like a good Hookah Hub for people around. Crowd comprises of big to small groups.

What we had , A range of cocktails though skipping the classics and molecular , we opted for their Signature Cocktails.

Russian Star – A vodka based drink that had a perfect blend of Passion Fruit , Star Anise and orange

Herbal Brew -Another favorite. Vodka tea but the Herbal basil notes were delicious.

I am not a dark rum fan , however Sambhajee Mix was absolutely adored by my friend. What did it not have from Jaggery , Tamarind to Fresh Lime , Coriander seeds and Pineapple. A volcano of flavors. Recommended for rum lovers.


Cloud 9 was a lil subtle vodka drink that had a earthy flavour due to Lemon grass , Ginger Ale. Melon added the fruitiness to it.

Exhausted was had by my friend – A whiskey cocktail. A lil fruity again but in a good way. Apple and Peaches bringing out the best of this cocktail along with Star Anise.


LIIT – I am social’s LIIT fan and generally hesitate to have LIIT anywhere else. I asked Kunal ( Service ) If you are very sure about it only then we will order. It really was super potent and yumm. Worth a try !


We Had Cheesy Fries. There was something missing. I guess the saltiness of the fries or there was more mayo than cheese. It could have been better.


Crispy Roomali Roti – Pretty good.


Our Service that day – Kunal needs a special mention. He was just too good.

My second visit here was on my birthday –

This one was with two sisters and my 8 month old niece. We were here on a weekday. For A weekday, it seemed occupied. Since we had an infant with us we had to be in the Fine Dine section. Indoor fine dine seems to be pretty well done as well. A cute décor with pleasant bright lights.

What we ate –

Stuffed Cheese Mushroom– What you imagine is your regular size mushrooms that could be a decent portion. What came in front of us was tiny button mushrooms loaded with cheese. A lil Spicy ( green chilies ) but a great dish. Loved it!


Cantoneese Potatoes – Tasted good. Could have been better cooked.

Corn Jalapeno with cheddar & Mozzarela – A decent thin crust pizza. Produced what it promised.


A Penne Made In Arabiata. The only thing that I did not like was the additional cost for adding veggies. This trend as per me is not ethical. I eventually opted for extra veggies as I didn’t want to lose the taste for the matter of some extra money.


Along with our food , we had the Cran – Tea. Mentioned several times in zomato reviews , We were curious to try it. Does justice. Cinnamon in it is noticeable.


Gateway to Heaven – A Tiki Cockatail that had Musk Melon, Kiwi & Dil an unusual combination. Good Vodka Drink.


After a lot of visits lately ( in the month of November – Almost every weekend ) My experience has been more or less on the same lines. Bira blond which is a regular here is always served chilled.


Paneer Akuri is what I tried new from their food menu. Really was tasty and so was the rice that I had which was a Chinese preparation. Can’t seem to recollect the name. Picture shall do I guess.


Hookah is their specialty they make awesome hookah.


I would have given this place a full 5 pointer but there is scope of improvement in terms of food. It needs to improve in terms of more variety for vegetarians.

Positives –

A Great Pub for this vicinity (Drinks & Hooka ) , Great music , A wide range of cocktails

Good DJ, Top Notch Service , Child friendly. HOOKAH , Amazing Acoustic Nights with gigs

Negatives –

Food variety & Food taste can be worked on

Am I going there again ? Absolutely yes !! ( I HAVE BECOME A REGULAR HERE )

P.S. They have Bollywood , Live Music etc Nights.

Taste – 3.5 /5

Ambiance – 5/5 ( Too good for Borivali )

Service – 5 /5 ( Super friendly & Polite )

Value for money – 4 /5

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