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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Place – Above and Beyond

Location – Mahakali , Andheri East , Mumbai  

28th July 2017

No this is not a band !! A sheesha place that has opened a few months back is also a little eatery in Mahakali area where very few decent places exist. Above and Beyond offers a laid back ambiance, music and munching.

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Quick Summary

Pros :

  1. A small eatery that has a sheeshas as well. Happy hours @ 400 per sheesha

  2. Good breakfast options

  3. Those who want to kill time have board games and books here.

  4. Cost for two approx. 800 bucks.

  5. They are coming up with freakshakes.

What To Eat – Sandwiches , Piri Piri Fries , Eggs

What TO Drink – Java Chip Frappuccino  

Menu is not very elaborate however its not bad at all. It covers mainly small plates , finger food etc. For mains you can have from something from their pizza or pasta .

Here’s what we had during our review.

Mix Berry Smoothie – Lacked berry flavour. When we told them about it they offered to add syrup.

Java Chip Frappuccino (220 Rs) – This is an In House Special and almost half the price for what you get at renowned places.


A& B Nachos – had loads of Salsa, Sour Cream, Olives , Jalepeno And Queso. What it dint have was liquid cheese. I liked it as it was crisp whereas my friend didn’t like it at all. She found it to be more of masala papad. ( sigh )

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Piri Piri Fries (120 Rs.)  –Another in house special and I absolutely loved these. The piri piri was right amount Fies were crisp for a very long time. Mint mayo didn’t seem like it was fresh made though. However fries , I could go on eating these.


Crumb Fried Chilli Poppers from their Light bites ( 150 Rs. ) Many places name this dish Jalepeno Cheese Poppers where as Jalepeno is missing in those. At Above and Beyond that wasn’t the case. Jalepeno gave the pungent kick as Cheese balanced it.

Potato Wedges Tossed In Asian Spices (Rs.150) – this was tangy & spicy and since I like Chinese. I loved it.


Tikka & Pita ( 150 Rs )  from sandwich section that had pita pockets filled with paneer tikka. Cheese, I’m not sure if it was there but this pita pocket was nice and spicy. Also had loads of lettuce and veggies along


American Corn Chaat Pizza ( 225 Rs. ) was a rectangular flat bread one. But it dint feel like a pizza to me. It was more like a cheese toast with veggies. A complete no from me.


For dessert we had Smooth and Silk Chocolate Cake ( 150 Rs.)  – Was good. Not over the top sweet.


Taste – 3.8 /5

Ambiance – 3.9 /5 ( it’s a tiny place, non AC )

Service –  4 /5    

Value for money – 4.5 / 5

** Feature Image Courtesy – Madhur Khatore  – The Foodie Battle

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