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No , This is not a Chinese Restaurant ! @Gurukripa , Powai

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Gurukripa

Location : Saki Vihar Road , Mumbai    

14th September  2016

No, this is not a Chinese Restaurant. It reads as a Chinese restaurant on Social media. Go by what Zomato tells you. But there is a chance to be misled again , as there is Gurukripa which is a fine dine ( this one ) and Guru Fine Dine which is not a fine dine.

So , I had to go to Gurukripa in Saki Vihar a Fine Dine place which already was a 4 pointer on Zomato. When I looked up the internet, I found some interesting reviews and hence was super excited. On a weekday with my sister I ended up here. They have really huge space and by huge I mean huge. We were greeted by the manager and we first were seated in the indoor seating but when he suggested that the rooftop might fascinate us, we jumped at the opportunity. Rooftop is called #Ooper. They also have a an-fresco seating which is pretty pleasant too.

At Ooper we settled where it was very breezy and comfortable, Manager told us that this place has been there for almost 40 years and I could see it being pretty popular as it was quite full on a weekday. We started our meal with mocktails and appetizers.

I am Black – This black current mocktail had ice cream and slush

Guava Smoothie– Had a nice guava flavor. However , I preferred I am black over this.


Crispy Masala Rumali -A Huge Crispy Rumali Roti prepared like a Masala Papad. I’m sure a healthier option to go for. This goes well with your beer or two.


Chrispy Roomali

Sesame Crispy Chicken – A Chinese preparation which was well cooked and marinated.


Chicken Tawa – a More of a Kerala prepeation. The skin was so crunchy and I absolutely loved it.


 Mushroom Mint – Our eyes almost popped at the sight of this. Mushroom filled with cheezy mint stuffing and coated by breadcrums which were super crispy.

The Mint Chutney that was served with all the said appetizers was a winner as it was really delicious.


Stuffed Paneer Tikka – Oh my god !!! I think paneer is highly overrated generally but this made me change my statement for a while. This Paneer tikka looked very regular to me but when I cut it open it was stuffed with corn , spinach , carrots and it was such a brilliant dish. The peppers too were roasted to add the crunch.


** The pictures are all half portions and are for photo purpose only the actual size is exact double of it**

For Mains we called for the Paneer Biryani – Since I loved the previous paneer preparation I was totally looking forward to it. It DID NOT disappoint me at all. Served with Mint Boondi Raita , This Paneer Biryani was soooo sooo good !!! Marination was yumm the fried and caramelized onions added super flavours again !


We were too full but who finishes the meal without a dessert ? We didn’t either. Gadbad Ice cream was recommended by my foodie friend @hogitup. We went ahead with that.

Let me warn you it’s a flavor bomb ! Its huge! Three ice creams – vanilla , strawberry and mango, flavoured syrups , loads of nuts and cut fruits and wafer biscuits! Goodness gracious !! It had so many flavours and textures that made it an interesting dessert. Very filling. Can be easily shared between 2-3 people.


What was making our eating experience more so enjoyable was the music. Trust me the music here was too good. The unplugged melodious numbers were making it such a soothing environment. It makes a great place to chill out post work with a couple of drinks.

Ambiance is just perfect and especially for the price you pay it definitely gives you more value for your money. Staff is very very attentive and polite. It was pleasure having them around.

Its open till 1230 at night and delivers food anywhere in the city (minimum order must be 500 Rs.)

We saw many girl groups and families and work colleagues sitting there enjoying food and music.

Do give it a try !

Why one should go here –

  1. Very price friendly

  2. Great music

  3. Good ambiance

  4. Delicious food

  5. Range of variety

Negatives – None at all.

Rooftop is  highly recommended. They have interesting drinks deals as well. Do check with the staff for some crazy deals.


Taste – 5/5

Ambiance – 4.5/5

Service – 5 /5

Value for money – 5 /5 

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