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A visit to Panditjee

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Panditjee 

Location : Rohini , New Delhi

16th June 2016

My recent trip to Delhi took me to some good food joints and Panditjee certainly is among the top ones on the list.  As the name suggests it’s very authentic & has got a Delhi essence in it.

Located in Rohini , its next to M2K and bang on the road. It’s a cute lil place owned by two brothers Mr. Ankit & VishalSachdeva. They have a limited menu and that’s what makes them stand out. Instead of having multi cuisine variety they have maintained traditional north Indian flavour in the meal.


Once you enter Panditjee , you are welcomed by the brothers and they quickly assist you with what you may want to eat. They have a small sit down area but since its in a close proximity to the students, a lot of youngsters flock around and prefer a quick standing bite.

 Menu comprises of – Chole Bhature , Punjabi Kadhi Chawal , Rajma Chawal , Sweet and Salted Lassi. We tasted all the things on the menu and my feedback is as below

 Rajma Chawal – This is the maximum selling item here and I’m not surprised at all. They serve it in an easy round container. Rice is placed first, then comes the yummy Rajma gravy and on top comes the pickle & onion. It has got a perfect blend of Masalas and its not too spicy.


 Punjabhi Kadhi Chawal – This one was my favorite. Served in a similar round container , the Kadhi simply melted in mouth and the texture was smooth. The pickle brought out even some more great flavours of kadhi. It looks really very appetizing  too.


Chole Bhature – Again , another preferred one for bigger hunger pangs . This is served in a plate with Two Bhaturas , Chole & Pickles. Chole were tasty and I couldn’t stop myself from having another serving.

Lassi – Sweet lassi was very pleasant as it didn’t have very strong sugary flavor & the same with Salted Lassi .  Both were just perfect with their own subtleness.

At Panditjee , the packaging of the food is easy & user friendly.  Hence they are popular with Takeaways with households and corporate people in Delhi. I could see a lot of people picking up their packed meals.


Another plus point is that it can be your anytime meal from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

Everything in Panditjee is freshly made & you can totally tell this with each bite that you take. Its not oily or greasy so if you are a health freak it will suit your needs too.  It is very pocket friendly their mains cost you between 30 – 50 Rs. (What else do you get this at such cost ) Plus you are in an indoor space sitting comfortably.


Whether you are from Delhi are from some other part of the country, this place sure deserves one visit of yours and I can bet it won’t end with one visit 🙂


Taste – 5 /5

Ambiance – 3 /5

Service – 5 /5

Value for Money – 5 /5

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