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Very English ! @The English Department

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : English Department

Location : Malad West , Mumbai   

30th August 2016

Being a resident of Borivali, I had passed this place a zillion times. However never really gave it a try until Me and a Friend had a chance to review them last week.

This is in Malad West , on Link road. There are a couple of more restaurants next to it. The English Department is the unique among them as that’s the only outlet serving English / Continental Food.

On a Tuesday evening we reached here around 8ish. The Staircase that takes you to the restaurant is very cute and it gives you happy vibes about what’s coming next. We were welcomed by the Traditionally English Attired Staff and were made to sit in the main seating area which has got wide huge tables and circular seating (something different for this vicinity) A very pretty looking bar and great music. However, being the bloggers we needed more light for our photography. We chose to sit in the other section which is more of your quiet meal kind.


The Pretty Staircase

After we settled the executive chef Makarand greeted us and explained to us what TED ( The English Department ) is all about. How they have come up with the concept and what they specialize in. We were briefed about the elaborate tasting menu that was gonna come next.

We started with Gin Paradise & Sunrise Martini – Gin Paradise was great. However Sunrise Martini was too sweet with lack of alcohol content when we suggested the same, they happily replaced our cocktail.

Welsh Rarebit was the first starter of the evening. This is a bread baked with generous cheese and seasoned with paparika and bell peppers etc. It was tasty.


Welsh Rarebit

Butter Garlic Prawn came next – The colours and the textures instantly increased our appetite. Well prepared.


Butter Garlic Prawn

Chana Twist – was one of my favorites from the evening as it was tossed in Balsamic Vinegar so maintaining the tanginess inspite of the onion , tomatoes etc giving it an Indian flavor !


Chana Twist

Creamy Chicken – This was another fusion dish. A rich cream flavoured chicken that was tandoor served and with a mint chutney. This was okay.

California Pizza – We didn’t like this at all as it didn’t have any good flavor at all. They say its Wood Fired however it didn’t taste like it. Chicken also wasn’t great. Cheese could have been a better quality.


California Pizza

Later came our next set of cocktails

Galaxy –  A mocktail which the staff recommended and was pretty decent.a blue slush like cocktail. Good flavours.

Sex on the Beach – The best cocktail. Totally potent. I would definitely recommend it.

Mai Tai – A good rum based cocktail. Made well

Fish and Chips – My friend seemed to have liked it. The portion is huge. A group can eat this easily.


Fish And Chips

Paneer Shashlik – This my friend didn’t like much. However this was marinated well with good spices and juicy paneer.


Paneer Shashlik

Green Mango And Chilli Risotto – This was the best ! as the flavours were unusual. Risotto was creamy and yumm.


Green Mango And Chilli Risotto

Chicken Stroganoff – I quite liked it . This was a chicken in thick creamy sauce that was served with herb rice.


Chicken Stroganhoff

Iceberg Pockets – These were interesting noodles wrapped insiden Iceberg Lettuce. I personally liked it a lot.


Iceberg Pockets

Walnut Mud Cake – Do not order this if you are less that 4-5 people.  The portion is huge. Its tasty. You don’t want to miss this or leave this.


Walnut Mud Cake

What I liked about this place – They have a nice ambiance. Good Music , Good Cocktails.

What I think they could improve- Some dishes need more flavor.

Overall it’s a nice place. The food portions here are bigger than a lot of other places. Malad does not have too many places that offer good drinking ambiance. If you stay or work anywhere closeby, you must pay a visit.

Taste – 4/5

Ambiance – 4.5/5

Service – 5 /5

Value for money – 4 /5 

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