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Curated Travel Experiences by The Talking Bee

Social media has awakened the wanderer in all of us. We want to go to these Instagrammable destinations and stay at the offbeat villas / Airbnb ​/ Boutique hotels. Café hop at some of the most buzzing places and yet  chill at a quaint hidden gem which has not yet been explored .

But who has the time to plan it? 

The internet has made it super easy to search for anything and everything at the tip of our fingers. Yet, it's equally confusing and time-consuming in terms of actual planning. (No matter how attractive the online deals are)

This is where Curated Travel Experiences by The Talking Bee comes to rescue. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or a family we'll customize the plan that works the best!

For the customized experience there is a humble curation fees charged. Please get in touch to know more. ​​

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