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The Good Vibe

Updated: May 10, 2021

We are tired. At merely 30’s we’re tired. We look at the memes making fun of this fatigue on Social Media all the time. We start our day feeling exhausted and we’re dead by the end of the day when we reach home from work. When do we have time for ourselves?

Looking at our lifestyle, will we ever have time for ourselves? Our generation tends to overwork, over think and overdo. We overwork for unnecessary targets or expectations, overthink about the superficial things, overdo the screen addiction. We are glued to our screens all the time (I am writing this while I am glued to my laptop screen instead of enjoying the rain outside 😛 ) Is this going to help on a longer run? The answer is no! But there can be an effort for making our habits better.

Here is what has helped me in past couple of months to detox mentally.

Take out time for yourself. Take a shower, a nice hot water shower that relaxes every single nerve of the body. This may sound really stupid while reading but it is miraculous. Let the hot water shower take away your worries ! You don’t need them in your ‘Me Space’! Put on some music, set out the scented candles. (if you don’t own one, please invest in some good quality candles, aroma diffusers or anything that works for you) They make a lot of difference trust me! Not just candles, in general a pleasant fragrance does all the magic! Wear a good perfume. Not simply when you’re out but even at home. When you smell delightful, you automatically feel positive.


Get those dreamy fairy lights you admire. Get one, get two, get as many as you want. They are never enough. Make a cozy reading corner for yourself. (I know most of us don’t read regularly because of the lack of time.) But taking out half an hour everyday for reading is very effective. (You’ll see it when you practice it)


Take up a hobby or do something new from your bucket-list which was forever pending. The rush you get when do something new is astonishing !

Plan your meal. ( not necessarily implying cooking here. Its great if you do 😛 ) But the least you can do is plan it a day prior. Look up the internet for what’s good for your health. A little effort doesn’t hurt. It must seem odd coming from me who’s been seen eating junk in the past. But this one practice everyday of planning the meal has helped me a great deal ! Chose what you’d like – The veggies, the fruits, nuts, snack etc. Plan it a night before so that you’d cut down on the cravings for the junk.

Spend time in nature. There is something so rejuvenating about being in nature. it refreshes your mind completely. Yes, it is difficult to find nature in this crazy concrete jungle. But why don’t you create your own little green space inside your house? That will actually make it 'A home’. Water your plants, talk to them, nurture them, see them grow and you’ll notice in turn what a world of a difference they make to your life.


Speak to your friends. Not just your close circle whom you meet regularly but the ones you’ve lost touch with. I’m sure the call will last for at least an hour because there is so much to catch up on.

And one very important thing, detox your mind! See the pattern of your talks. What are the things you talk about when speaking with friends, family or colleagues? Is it constantly criticizing other people? If yes, then that will never make you grow as a person. We do gossip and that’s fun to an extent, I’m not denying that. But not having anything else to talk about BUT people, is a sign for you to reflect and make changes in your thinking pattern. A a self help book or a motivational video may help in this situation.


All this may so sound so cheesy or preachy but I have personally benefited from doing all of these things. I’d love to hear what you people think about the same.

Let there be light. Let there be a positive vibe!

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