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A Merry Christmas that was!

This year, we started our Christmas morning sooner than usual by heading to our beloved spots in Mumbai- Colaba! I have an undying affection for this part of Mumbai. Just being there, doing nothing gives me a sense of calm. The Victorian buildings, clean beautiful roads dotted with pretty cafes. It’s like a happy place! So on that morning, we went to our go-to place i.e. Café Mondegar. It has its own charm and I have been in love with it for as long as I remember.

The food here is always good. The staff is always welcoming and cheerful and a beer here sets the mood. Always!

But this time we weren’t here for beer. This time it was the simple joy of a hearty breakfast.

I enjoyed a plate full of Baked Beans on Toast with fries on the side along with a cup of Cappuccino.

While Mr. Iyer enjoyed a Sunny Side Up with buttered Toast with fries on the side with a cup of Hot Chocolate.

While we polished off the delicious breakfast, there was some fun music being played on the jukebox. Some old and some new. The place was so Christmassy! That it really made everyone’s morning for sure.

After the breakfast, we walked around Colaba Causeway did street shopping for myself and then wandered some more.

We then visited Jahangir Art Gallary wondered about the amazing art there and didn’t realize how a merely passing visit turned into more than an hour long Art Admiration.

As a Christmas ritual, Mr. Iyer and I gift each other books. And instead of going to a mall to purchase books, the book stalls at Flora Fountain (Hutatma Chowk) are the best choice any given day, isn’t it ? It has been my favorite past time when I am in this side of the city. To browse through big piles of books and handpick what would be an interesting read.

(Also met some feline friends)

We spent another hour browsing for books to gift each other and to my niece and with a content heart headed back home.

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