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Some Freak-Shakes @ Dinshaw’s Xpress Café  

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Location – Oshiwara , Andheri West , Mumbai

23rd  January 2017

A Typical Bawa Place as indicated by its name itself , Dinshaw’s Xpress Café is a tiny café located at the signal of Oshiwara just before TBSE. I had heard a lot about their Parsi food however , I recently happened to be there along with fellow bloggers to review their Pastas and Freakshakes.

We started with Cheese Garlic Bread. Really fresh and with loads of cheese.


Korean Fried Chicken – A new addition in the menu , this was very very sweet. We didn’t expect it to be sweet so we were surprised not in a great way. Maybe if they make it more palatable for people like us it would be great. Or a little information for the dish could help.


However, they happily replaced this dish with Sausage Chilly Fry – which again came as a surprise as it was along with fries that we didn’t anticipate but this dish was good.


Potato Bravas – Another new addition but in Vegetarian section , looks great and tastes not bad either.


For the Pastas we had Arabiata and Mama Rosa– Both actually looked very similar and taste wise Arabiata was quite average but Mama Rosa was better as it had both Arabiata and Alfredo sauce along with hint of Basil. I was more keen on trying their Aglio Olio though.


Last but not the least the Freakshakes were Heroes. Our eyes were popping out at the sight of it. Totally Instagram worthy and some of the freakshakes were really really great.

Salted Caramel Freakshake  was the unanimously chosen the favourite pick. Not very salty ( which is a good thing ) this one was not too sweet and hence we could have a go at it more than a few times which does not happen when the freakshakes are too sweet. Also the popcorn adorned around the rim of the jar were eaten with equal happiness.


Oreo & Kitkat Freakshake was the second pick. Since Oreo is anyway a lot of people’s favourite it wont take a lot of guessing why its so popular.


Brownie Freakshake was a decent one too. Chocolate lovers would enjoy this more I think.


Here , at Dinshaws they have kept the look bare Minimal yet very cute. Reminding you of the Irani Cafes. Good old Classic Rock Music and dim lit ambiance makes it a decent place to have a quick bite or chill for while. We surely did enjoy our time here at Dinshaw’s with loads of chitchat and we saw other tables seemed in the same mode too. Staff here is courteous and will not bother you if you take your leisurely time to gorge on that meal.

What works for them ?

Its very price friendly. Pizzas and Pastas ranging between 250-300 Rs. in today’s age is quite bare minimum.

P.S. This review is based on their Pastas and Freakshakes however , their famous Bhonu is yet to be tried.


Taste – 3.7 /5

Ambiance – 4 /5

Service –  4.2 /5  

Value for money – 5/5

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