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OKTOBERFEST @True Tramm Trunk

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place – True Tramm Trunk

Location – Juhu , Mumbai  

23rd October 2016

Oktoberfest has been catching up like a wildfire in Mumbai and there can’t be a better news for Beer fanatics like us!

On Sunday , True Tram Trunk invited us over to gorge on their Oktoberfest menu.

We  , a bunch of FBAI’tes went there at around 7 pm. This was my first time at True Tramm Trunk for a Sunday , it was quite full. Laid back ambiance the red brick wall with a rustic look. Pretty lamps. A long bar table and some couches here and there.


This is a huge space with indoor and outdoor seating. We initially settled at the couch. Started with some Gateway & White Owl beers that were listed on the Oktoberfest Craft Beer Section.


What we had  from Gateway Brewery  

Sidecar – An apple Sider

White Zen –  A hefeweizen that has banana & clove notes

Doppelganger – A dark beer , German made. Very Malty. You’ll love this if you are into stout.


From White Owl Brewery

Ace – An Apple Cider – Loved this Cider more than Gateway one as it had more sweeter notes.


Halcyon – A Hefeweisen that’s got notes of Banana & cloves. Very light fruity notes if you’re into them.

Spark –  A wibeier – Belgian Origin. Got light citrus notes. One of my personal favourites.

Apart from this we also tasted some of  the bottled wheat beers –

Kingfisher Draft – For all the kingfisher lovers out there. Not bad at all

Hoegarden – One of my favourites. If one hasn’t tried wheat beers , this is great to start with.

There is also an interesting Beer Tasting platter comprising of White Owl.

Beer cocktails is another not very popular concept here so when we were presented a few we were quite looking forward to tasting them.

Michelada – Bloody Mary made in True Tramm Trunk way. However , I think beer content was less.

Cuber – A cucumber & beer cocktail. Very refreshing and simple.

Coronarita – My favourie one that was a frozen Margarita + Corona. This was the beer cocktail of the night.


Food :

We tried the Sliders and burgers from their Special Oktoberfest Menu. Some were outstanding some were okay.

My pick – Sri Lankan – A vegetable patty that had perfect accompaniment of Sri Lankan Spices. Someone who likes spicy food will enjoy this.

Asian Mushroom & Tofu – These are Green Coloured slider buns , indicating veg. Tofu makes it a good filling.


French Chilli Corn & Spinach – It was a creamy one. Too sweet for my liking.

Gilafi Chicken – A mix of Tandoori and Conti flavours. Mint Mayo served with it was a  good dip.

Beer Batter Fish – These are red buns. Attractive looking. Tasted good too.


Japanese Seasoned Fried Fish – This was made with Basa. Wasabi mayo was perfect for it.

Apart from this we had Trunk Cocktails these are their signature Cocktails. Do give them  a try as they are interesting. There is a whole range of these Desi Cocktails as they mention their state of origins. Served in Quarter bottles look very INSTA WORTHY TOO.


My favourites – Badi Saunf  an Aneesed Gin with Tonic water. Very strong flavor of badi saunf. Yumm

Gulabo UP – A Coconut rum with Pineapple juice


Tharra UP– Citrus rum with Lemonade . Very Very smooth

Laila Bihar – Gulkand + Vodka + Soda

Oktoberfest will be celebrated here till 31st October so a very few last days left. Go grab a beer or two and some amazing burgers J

Here’s a little fun we had at #TrueTrammTrunk


Taste – 4/5

Ambiance – 5/5  Pretty Great

Service –  4.5 /5  Knows what they are serving

Value for money – 4 /5 

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