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Restaurant Reviews: Where to eat in Gangtok

Gangtok is full of gorgeous cafes and restaurants. And we had certain places in mind that we wanted to visit for sure.

Here is a list of cafes/restaurants we visited and struck off our list :)

1. Tashi Delek

Housed inside a Hotel with the same name – Tashi Delek is right on the MG Marg. Its entrance is narrow and can be quite misleading but once you enter, you are in for a surprise!

What a beautiful and huge terrace space it offers and a breathtaking mountain view. The service here was on point too. We had a couple of pints of the local beer and a few appetizers.

2. Baker’s café

This café is also located on MG Marg. It is known for its fresh bakery items such as waffles, croissants, rolls etc. We had a hot chocolate, cappuccino, a veg burger, and a double chocolate waffle. Another plus point here is the beautiful view.

#Trivia – A few scenes from the Irffan Khan starrer movie – Karreeb Kareeb Single were shot here.

3. Agarwal’s

This was our go-to option when we wanted to eat something apart from Momos and Thukpas and the likes. We ate Stuffed Parathas, and Plain Paratha sabji. We also had Samosas. Apart from that you also get desi style pizzas and pasta etc.

4. Lil Tibet

A nice resto-bar at the end of MG Marg. Good Ambiance with great service. A nicely stacked bar. They had Bhutanese and Tibetan food on the menu apart from the oriental food. Many vegetarian options as well.

5. Cup O Joe

A new café overlooking the MG Marg. This is very Instagram-able I must say. The staff was courteous. The décor is in line with the cafes of big cities.

The above reviews are based on personal opinion and are not sponsored


Here is the list of places that are recommended but we could not visit.

1. Nimtho

Nepalese, Sikkimese & Tibetan cuisine in a small street-side cafe with plenty of character.

2. Thakali

Authentic Nepalese Cuisine

3. Amba Regency

A pure vegetarian restaurant offering a good view.

4. Café Live & Loud

A pub hosting live gigs and performances. Away from MG Marg, This café is on Tibet Road.

5. Café fiction

Known for its breakfast, this café has a bookstore on top. You can spend time there while you wait for your food. It is cozy and cute! The only drawback is it's away from the main city center.

If you have any interesting recommendations, please share in the comments.

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