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#GoilaButterChicken khaya kya ?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Goila Butter Chicken

Location : DN Nagar , Andheri 

28th Aug 2016

Chef Saransh Goila Needs no introduction. When a familiar face seen on television hosting interesting Food Shows comes up with his own Food Outlets its ought to be a big hit! A Delhi Chef now living in Mumbai has brought the essence of Delhi with him when he came here.

An interesting thing ‘Goila Butter Chicken’ an amusing name that become popular in chef’s friend circle lead to a big time trend on twitter as #GoilaButterChicken and further motivated to create the pop up restaurants much before actual execution of this outlet.

Brainchild of Chef Saransh Goila , Goila butter chicken is an order only or strictly take away place merely opened two months back and you’d be surprised to know how well they are doing. Initially started as only dinner time order in now plans to be operational for lunch hours too. They literally had to double up the food quantities as they would get sold out within just two hours of starting the service.

We had been intrigued by Chef’s famous butter chicken and we HAD to try it (its Butter chicken after all! ) So on a Sunday evening three of us ended up at Goila Butter chicken. (they do have a lil khatiya kinda set up in case you’re just two or three people and can manage to sit and eat in tiny place that’s just about perfect ) Very close to DN nagar station , its ideal for picking up your quick lunch or dinner. They were quite busy when we went there. All we could see was loads n loads of online deliveries.

Chef Saransh Greeted us upon reaching there and immediately put us at ease with his calm and composed behaviour in spite of having such a busy day. He spoke a little about how Goila Butter Chicken started , and his efforts etc. His family being  primarily vegetarians their love for Paneer was unwatchable. Hence how chef came up with his brilliant recipe of Butter Paneer etc. He handed us the menu. Little menu that covers the essential Delhi food but does not neglect Mumbai !


Current Menu

Appetizer – Delhi food is incomplete without Chaat and hence We started with the obvious Chaat ! Chef gave us the Beetroot Tikki Chaat – Very innovative with their own twist instead of regular Aloo Tikki , theirs are Beetroot tikkis. Anaar as another element gives a different taste. However , we found the Imli ( tamarind ) chatney to be too sour. They aslo have Keema Tikki chaat and Andaa pav with their twist for Non Veg fans.


Beetroot Tikki Chaat

Naan bombs, their new addition to the menu was given to us next. These dough balls filled with stuffing Vegetarian has a mushroom and Non veg has chicken stuffing. Its non heavy and tasty ball mixed with veggies and accompanied with the butter paneer / chicken gravy. Yummmm!

IMG_20160828_201421 (1)

Naan Bombs

Mains – We tried all four mains that are currently on the menu. Goila butter chicken – beautifully cooked and the famous butter chicken ! you know why its been so famous. Goila Butter Paneer – Absolutely smacking for vegetarian dish. Unusual Smokiness takes it to another level. 24/7 Dal Makhni was sooo creamy and rich. Last and what I found the best Sindhi Style Mutton was super super flavourful. Tangy with the tomatoes and spicy with its spices.



Instead of other places that serve you Naan , Goila butter chicken serves Rumali Rotis . The variants they have here are Wheat Rumali Roti ( Rare)  & Newly introduced Chilli Garlic Rumlali Roti. I was so in love with it. I could eat it without any gravy.


What my plate looked like

Apart from this they also have Rolls and Meal Combos such as Butter Paneer Biryani , Rajma Chawal ( Droools ) Butter Chicken Biryani etc.

We had a choice between Rajma chawal v/s Bhindhi Kadhi Chawal. The latter made our ears tweak 😉 Bhindhi Kadhi that was ! Oh good lord!  That was the best Bhindi Kadhi I had tasted and the ghee loaded rice was so homely. It took us no time to take in the aroma and finish it.


Bhindhi Kadhi Chawal

You can’t finish a great meal without dessert. Ours was an Epic one. Chocolate Golgappa ( takes a pause ) Yes ! Chocolate Golgappa J as if we don’t like usual Golgappas , when you mix chocolate with it , its divine. So here , they have chocolate covered Golgappa filled with nuts and instead of the usual filling , you add cold coffee. Its orgasmic !! I am not exaggerating trust me .


Chocolate Golgappa

In spite of being and outlet by a celebrated chef it’s a very humble place. It gives you authentic food as well as food with a twist. They have hard working team that works swiftly. Its price friendly too. So here’s your neighborhood delivery place that gives you good Dilli Wala Butter chicken.. No wait Goila wala butter chicken 😉 Give it a try.


Us with Chef Saransh

Taste – 5 /5

Ambiance – NA

Service – 5 /5 ( Wish I could give more )

Value for money – 4.5 /5 

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