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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Uba Tuba

Location : Reclamation , Bandra West , Mumbai

May 2016

On a Saturday summer afternoon, I met a couple of friends and we were in the mood to eat some Mexican. Uba Tuba is what came into mind for my friend. I hadn’t heard of it & was game to try it. This is at reclamation next to Chaayos. Quite small. The indoor AC section can seat approx 8 ppl. Outdoor can take about 10 ppl. It was way too hot so we chose to sit inside.


They do not have an elaborate menu. But what they have is authentic Mexican and no multi cuisine shit. So we were really amazed to see the cute decor & the set up. While going through the menu we saw a few cold pressed juices and wanted to try those but we were told those weren’t available. We moved our focus on coolers.

What we ordered –

Aloha Mex Mix ( Smoked Chicken roasted pineapple , greens , olives etc. the peanuts in it gave a very yumm flavour.

Drinks – Watermelon Basil Seed  – The sabja seeds were very cooling. Watermelon was yumm.

Green Apple Iced tea – this was quite boring and synthetic in taste. It had a lot of sugar.

Cucumber lemon mint – this was the best to beat the heat. Tastiest cucumber flavour.


They took almost half an hour to get our coolers whereas the salad came quite quickly. Till here things were okay. The main course really screwed it up.

The Tacos we ordered again took almost 30 minutess. Were tasteless. Salsa lacked flavour. The Nachos served with it were also strictly average.


Coming to the mains – We ordered one chicken fiesta bowl & one mushroom fiesta bowl. The portion is huge so one can be easily shared between two. But I wouldnt recommend you order it in the first place. It was a ‘PULAV’ there was literally no flavour there. We tried eating it but couldn’t. We thought of ordering some salsa to go with it but discarded the idea as that wouldn’t make it worth it too.

So overall – Salad – Good , Coolers – Great  , Taco – below average & Rice – Bad !!! Thanks but no thanks:)


Taste – 2/5

Ambiance – 3.5 /5

Service – 2/5

Value for Money – 2/5

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