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Restaurant Reviews: Where to eat in Darjeeling

Heaven for tea lovers, #Darjeeling boasts some of the most popular cafes and restaurants. However, as a vegetarian, the choices are limited when it comes to food.

Here is a list of restaurants we tried during our visit to Darjeeling

1. Glenary’s

During our multiple visits here, not once did we face any issues. #Glenary’s is one of the best places in Darjeeling whether you want to just enjoy the tea or have a full-fledged meal. It takes you back in time with its authentic vintage décor. It has existed since the British Era. It has two sections – a lower one and one upstairs. It also has an in-house bakery. You can pick what you like from the display and have it there or go. Glenay’s offers a beautiful view and a pretty good view.

From their breakfast menu, we ate – Veg puff, Omelets with toast, Baked beans, Croissants, Vegetable Au Gratin, Baked Cheese Macaroni, and several helpings of Darjeeling Tea, Hot Chocolate, and Masala Chai.

2. Keventers

One of the oldest restaurants in Darjeeling! You really have to wait up in a queue to get a table here. It's THAT popular. Famous for its English Breakfast with a view, #Keventers is the place where the famous movie Barfi was shot. They offer the renowned Darjeeling Teas and traditionally in-house Bread, Ham, Bacon, Salami & Sausages, all made from fresh and locally grown produce.

We had their variations of eggs, toast, sandwiches, and Tea.

Very few vegetarian options here.

3. Hasty Tasty

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant on Mall Road. It offers freshly prepared Indian food and is a self-service restaurant. We had one meal here and the food was really very good. It was crowded throughout the day and is a preferred choice of many tourists over two decades. It offers everything from Punjabi, Gujarati, and South Indian dishes to snack items as well. This restaurant offers a mountain view as well.

4. The Park Restaurant

Known for its Chinese and Thai food, its right opposite the landmark Clock Tower and its bright red hues of Chinese food won’t let you miss this restaurant. It has two floors and ample seating. It used to offer mountain views however, due to recent constructions it is not the case anymore. The staff here is friendly. The restaurant serves alcohol and has a decent bar menu. We had a couple of drinks here along with a Crispy Corn appetizer and Thai Street Style Veg Noodles with sauce.

5. Joe’s Pub

Another live music hangout. Very #colonial style. We liked the décor and the vibe but due to very limited vegetarian food options, we did not eat much here. We had a couple of drinks with French fries. Very very light on the pocket.

6. Fiesta

At Chowrasta, you will find this cute restaurant called #Fiesta. Its windows overlook the main Chowk Bazaar which is the bustling center. The staff was very good. We wanted to order pasta here as we were craving it but the staff told us not to as they recommended we would not have liked it much. So we settled for a bowl of hot Thukpa. It was delicious. We also had a cheese toast sandwich along with a strawberry shake. The look and feel of this café are very warm and welcoming. There was a live gig going on when we were at the café.

7. Himalayan Coffee

A cool place to hang out at mall road. Very modern and chic. Himalayan coffee is known for its Nepali coffee. We had a Hazelnut Latte and a Jasmine tea along with a cheesecake. We saw a few groups of friends hanging out here as well as some solo diners chilling on their own. They even sell their own ground coffee products at the café.

8. Ara by Bellevue

A Gastropub at Chowrasta overlooking the market. This actually belongs to the hotel #Bellevue. We ended up here as we wanted to grab some drinks. The music was really good. They were playing classic rock. We had a couple of drinks and a Paneer Chilli along with some baby potato starters.


Below are the restaurants/ cafes that we wanted to visit but could not. However, they are highly recommended.

1. Kunga Restaurant

A small cozy place serving authentic Tibetan Food. There was always a long que outside this restaurant. They are known for the quality of food on a low budget.

2. Sonam’s Kitchen

Run by a couple, Sonam’s kitchen is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. It’s a laid-back place so orders will not be made in a jiffy. Sonam ji is known for her delicious and soulful food along with her singing.

3. Frank Ross Café

A family-run café serving bite-sized food/snack items. It’s a self-service café, slightly expensive compared to other cafes around.

We hope you liked our blog post. If you have any recommendations, please share them in the comments.

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