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Restaurant Review : Cafe Ideal, Chowpaty

Location : Girgaun Chowpaty, Mumbai.

Cafe Ideal is Nostalgia ! Really where else do you see Juke Boxes. An Irani Café that’s been around for years! Founded in 1970’s this is an iconic place. Walls filled with murals it takes you back in time. This is one of our favourite go-to place we have been visiting for at least 10 years. The staff is super friendly and fun to converse with.


This is yet another place where you must stick to basics. Our fixed orders are Munchaow Soup, Fried Rice, Bun Maska, Chese Chili Toast, Dal Fry and Rotis and Triple Schezwan. Do check out the Parsi section in the food menu if you feel like eating authentic Parsi food.

The plus point of the place is its location, bang opposite Chowpaty you can sip on your beer with a view of Girgaun Beach.

Also don’t forget to listen to some classics by Kishor Kumar or ABBA for that matter, and you will find fellow diners joining in humming or singing out loud!

IMP – they don’t accept card payment so make sure you carry enough cash. Enough because once you step inside you wont come out soon!


Verdict :

Murals on walls, Juke Box, Parsi Food. This place takes you back a few years rather decades! This is an iconic café and a favourite.

Taste – 4/5

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Value for money – 4/5


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