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Resort Review : Atmantan

Updated: May 26, 2020

For our offsite this year, i.e. 2018 the resort chosen was ATMANTAN. Atmantan literally means soul , mind and body. Its  a wellness retreat that focuses on healthy living , spiritual healing and clean eating. It is a certified and a known retreat. We went there in the end of June so the weather was perfect.

Distance from Mumbai : About 4.5 hrs.

Located in Mulshi at Tamhani Ghat , Atmantan has really gorgeous western ghats at its backdrops. Clouds touching down and misty pleasant weather. They have many wellness packages and I could see quite a few people on these health plans. Hence they had a separate restaurant for people on these plan.

Rooms : There are  Garden Facing Rooms  and Lake facing rooms. Lake Facing Rooms are a category higher. We were staying in Lake View Rooms. Apart from this they also had villas.

Here is what the lake facing room looked like.


It had a twin bed. Sit out area. Bathroom had a lovely marble bathtub and really plush feel to the entire room.

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Atmantan is spread across a good covered area hence there are golf carts to take you from point to point.

There were a lot of things that we thought were not suitable for an offsite such as –

  1. There is no liquor permitted in premises. Not even in the room.

  2. No smoking in the premises

  3. Food is organic and health food only. With very limited menu what we had was really average.

  4. Staff was courteous but extremely slow

  5. Resort is not child friendly and pet friendly

  6. In the restaurant , even if you want to buy soda or similar product its not available.

  7. No room service. Restaurant timings are very strict.

  8. Activity room had very few options for games.

  9. NO music, noise allowed in the rooms or premises

Probably we should have been more careful in choosing the resort.

In the evening we all were craving for some hot cup of chai and bhajjiya. So we had no choice but to step out ( due to no room service )We went to the closeby Green Gate Resort that had a huge restaurant that had a separate area which was lake facing. We had a lot of ‘unhealthy food items ‘ there such as Kanda , Palak and Batata Bhajji ( Pakodas ) also some Misal Pav. Everything we had there was really good. Hence we decided to have next day’s lunch at the same place too. For lunch we had some really delicious Bajra Bhakri , Masoor Sabji and Paneer Bhurji there. If you happen to be around do go there for some really tasty Marathi Food.

( Some pictures from the evening outside Atmantan )

A post shared by The Talking Bee by Sneha Dalvi (@thetalkingbee) on Jul 11, 2018 at 4:43am PDT


Coming back to Atmantan , for an offsite this wasn’t suitable but for someone who is actually going there for wellness its perfect.

Feature Image Courtesy – Make My Trip

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