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Review : Go Panda - Pocket-friendly Panda

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Place : Go Panda

Location : Lokhandwala , Andheri , Mumbai

March 2016

On a day when you are craving for some Momos on your month end , what do you do? You find a pocket friendly friend in the neighborhood. #Zomato search led me to Go Panda.

Located in Lokhandwala Market. This place is tiny but full of surprises. Their menu is vast giving you a great variety. They also have a fixed menu per day concept as well ( Similar to Sub ) They have an AC and an Al fresco seating. AC is quite small & adjutant to the Kitchen area.

What we ate here – Fried Wantons – tasted good but too oily for my


liking ( Approx 8 pieces ) Veg Steamed Momos ( 6 pieces ) And a Double Fried Noodles all the items on the menu are really good. I saw a lot of people ordering pot rice that came in pretty good portions. Yea , Overall they have good portions. all of this & the total damage – INR 800 /- Totally worth it. Suitable for all.

P.S. They love food bloggers & appreciate their feedback.

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