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Review : Chop & Chew Mumbai ( Momos and More)

Setup - Delivery only

Location : Jogeshawari, Mumbai

Chop & Chew is a delivery kitchen based in Jogeshwari. Its a fairly new set up started only a few months ago by a brother sister Duo. Daksh and Isha. It was actually their father's idea to start something like this and Daksh and Isha brought it into reality.

The Talking Bee recently collaborated with them and they sent across some delicious food from their menu.


Here's what we tried

Veg Steamed Momos, Cheese Momos and Paneer Momos

The basic veg steamed Momos 6pcs each cost for INR 100 and Fried for INR 120

Apart from these they have a variety of Momos

Italian Momos – Cheese and Sweet corn Momos

Mushroom Momos, Exotic Momos.

Veg platter comprises of Vegetable, Paneer and Italian Momos in combination)

** All the Momos are served with 3 signature sauces**

One of the unique Momos on the menu is Chocolate Momos

Available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White chocolate variants

The sauces were outstanding too. Especially their Schezwan Sauce and Hot Garlic Sauce.

As we had a tasting menu, we got to taste all their amazing sauces viz. Green Chilli, Chili Garlic, Tamarind and Date sauce, Garlic Mayo.

From the mains, we ordered our go-to Desi Combo i.e. Veg Fried Rice and Veg Manchurian Gravy.

Fried Rice was absolutely on point but the gravy lacked a little flavour. However, what I liked about Chop & Chew is they insisted on understanding why we didn’t like a particular dish so much. Daksh simply said I love to hear feedback whether positive or negative as it helps us improvise. We strive to make our food better.

We appreciate such honesty team Chop & Chew :)

All the food by Chop & Chew is ‘Home made’. They make momos from scratch upon receiving each order. Hence they advise to place an order 2hrs prior. They do not use artificial food color. Colour of the Momos is using natural ingredients such as Spinach for green colour and Beetroot for pink.

For our Jain friends, they have Jain food options available.

Here is a link to their Zomato Page

And Instagram page

Also sharing the menu for you guys to get an idea of the price point.


Verdict :

Pocket friendly Momos and Desi Chinese Mains who doesn’t want that right ? Go give them a try. Support Local!

Taste – 4/5

Ambiance – NA (This is cloud kitchen. Hence delivery only)

Service – 5/5 (The owners personally look into the orders and are very prompt in response)

Value for money – NA (It was a collaboration)

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