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Not so Social

Place : Colaba Social

Location : Colaba , Mumbai

December 2014

After all the hype around of this joint just in two months my friends and I decided to go there on a Saturday afternoon and the biggest mistake we did was not reserving a table.

This place is flooded with people and the manager Shailesh ain’t no helpful. We were told the waiting was for half an hour whereas it took more than an hour to get a table.


In the meanwhile all the people in the waiting including us had become soo cranky that we even thought of getting outta it for a few times. Manager was rude , acting pricy ..some of the staff members were also the same kind with the lowest levels of hospitality! Talking bout the food and drinks… not a big surprise again ! Beers are overpriced except the domestic ones. No Pitchers !!! Shots are all COCKTAIL shots ( this should be mentioned in the menu)


Long island iced tea was decent though. We had sesame chilly fries , Mac and cheese , Sriraja Chicken , chicken sandwich and some ….. all of which was average.

Deserts is where they earn an extra point! The Benoffe Cronut & Death by Chocolate were just irresistible

Colaba Social is all about its ambiance and the crowd and there is nothing extraordinary about it!


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