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New Place Alert : Spice Republic, Borivali

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Place – Spice Republic

Location – Borivali West , Mumbai 

18th August 2017

Borivali, a vegetarian’s hub has a new addition called Spice Republic. After a great success of the Byculla outlet the owners came up with this one for the suburbs. Spice Republic is a vegetarian casual dining eatery that’s focusing on innovative vegetarian food. Being a vegetarian, I come across a situation where I see menus full of only Paneer. It’s a relief when places like Spice Republic have a huge variety to try from.

Quick Summary

  1. Quirky, vibrant and bright place where you can enjoy a meal with family and friends

  2. No Alcohol or Sheesha

  3. Right below the restaurant they have their Indian fast food outlet serving chaat and dosas etc. For those who want to try it can order it sitting at Spice Republic

  4. Owners – Mr & Mrs. Abhishek Dalvi take personal interest in guests and the food they are offered.

  5. No service charge

What To Eat –  Khandvi Au Gratin, Pav Bhaji Soup , Carrot Halwa Mousse

What TO Drink – Peach Kiss and Hazel Kiss

We had received an invite to review them. I was really impressed with their personalization in terms of calling up prior and making sure etc. Mr. & Mrs. Abhishek Dalvi greeted us personally and got us started with the review.

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Both the owners of Spice Republic are avid foodies themselves. Understanding the market and customer psyche, they decided to come up with a vegetarian one unlike their Byculla one. Over a lovely conversation here’s what we had

Pav Bhaji Soup (179++)– This was the closest it could get to non veg flavours. A Spicy rich broth with heavy pav bhaji taste. If you know what Rassa Means, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Khandvi Au Gratin (399++)–  A French dish made with Khandvi. Gujjus, are you even listening? Never tried anything like this before. Highly recommended.


Vada Pav Fondue (439++) – this had instead of usual cheese, vada pav flavours in the gravy form. First bite I was surprised what did I just try! But a couple of more bites it didn’t really give me any vada pav taste. It’s a good dish but no Vada Pav for sure.


Paneer Nasi Goreng ( 389++) – An Indonesian delicacy. Mains that has a combination of rice and a gravy. This one was a paneer Nasi Goreng served with rice crisps. Sweet coconutty flavours were very well  balanced.


We had these while sipping on a very refreshing peach drink – Peach Kiss (199++) Very light.

The exact opposite was Hazel Dream (189++) made up of Cream, Nutella and chocolate soil. Yumm but very very heavy.


We finished our meal with Carrot Halwa Mousse ()which had a crunchy biscotti base topped with carrot mousse and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Not too sweet. Again good balance of flavours and textures.


They really have interesting items on the menu which I would love to try in my next visit.

Some more highlights of the menu are

Mumbai Misal Minestrone Soup, Burmese Laksa ( not found easily in Borivali ) , Molecular Chaat ( Currently not operational however to start soon ) Dal Khichdi Aranchini,  Moroccan Tajine , , Pav Bhaji and Cheese Ball Sizzler respectively, Pav Bhaji Pizza, Beetroot Risotto etc. They also do have regular food items for those who love to stick to basics. Here’s a look at the menu.

We really liked the place and shall surely revisit. In the mean while I think people living around Borivali must check it out.


  1. Taste – 4.2 /5

  2. Ambiance –4.5 /5

  3. Service –  4.5  /5   

  4. Value for money – 4.5 / 5

Note : for taxes etc please re-check the menu or get in touch with the restaurant.

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