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My break from ‘Food Blogging’ and Why!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019


I started blogging about 3 and a half years back. The followers and their support for my restaurant reviews encouraged me. Well, it all began with my fascination for the F&B industry when I wasn’t even aware there was something called food blogging or reviewing. My job over last 9-10 years into events took me to so many different cities / places . I have stayed in hotels as a part of their FAM ( Familiarization) Trips when the ‘ Hotel Reviewing’ concept was not even common. ( It has become a full fledged job for many right now ) So around four years back , one of my close friends , who was then a Marketing Manager of a renowned International Pizza Chain, introduced me to this very concept of menu tastings and food reviewing. I was completely thrilled. This was something new. My reviews could take me to places! I became very regular in the blogging circle. I even became a member of a Blogger’s Association. Each milestone was a celebration in itself. Curating content on Instagram , Facebook and my blog was ever so exciting. Many people may think what’s the big deal ? But only my fellow bloggers understand the efforts each photo,post,write up takes. Each Caption,each hashtag has a meaning. How an increase or a decrease in the number of followers affects us in a good or bad way. Posting a picture everyday is not just a habit but more of an effort made thoughtfully planning it, keeping in mind the social media trends and what works at that given time. AND managing all of this while handling a full time job. Those who balance the two will relate to what I am trying to say here !

I can not be thankful enough for the new things blogging taught me and all the interesting people I met through this. Some were shallow. Some were gems ! ( That’s everywhere right ? ) The good people became friends and I consider them as a part my good friend circle.

Like a kid in a toy store, I was too excited by this new phase of life. I would get a lot of invites. Some used to be for a new launch party, some for blogger tables, some for personal invites for two and some just a soiree. I was absolutely loving it. Which meant I would go out almost every second day, eat and drink at all these fabulous places. But every coin has two sides. This too had its ‘other side’ which I didn’t think could be harmful to me. Harmful -in terms of my health. My family and some close friends would tell me to be careful while eating outside so regularly but a ‘younger me’ didn’t bother and simply knocked off the thought. However slowly its side effects started showing up. I started facing acid re-flux which over the period of time became chronic and started affecting a lot of other body parts. I obviously had to put an end to all of this. There is no doubt I love going out and trying out different places but my health issues have affected it tremendously. The reason why I have drastically reduced food blogging and reviewing in general. They say, anything done in moderation is always better. This, younger me never understood.

Another factor that added on to it was no regular work out. As we grow older, we simply get caught up with our excuses to avoid exercising in general. I applaud those who are regular and take out time to do this. We may not want to believe in it but on a longer run, self care is what’s going to lead us to a better life.

Now that I am older and wiser. I have started taking smaller steps towards health care and overall well-being. We may mock all those who emphasize on ‘clean eating’ and eating ‘Ghar Ka Khana’. Well, you guys have my vote now, as I totally believe in its importance.

I don’t mean to preach here. But if this can make difference to single person or an existing or an aspiring blogger I would feel great. My advise, do everything, go out, eat your heart out, drink up, drink gallons of beer or do those hundred shots ! But after that make sure you detox ,eat healthy and work out ! Because what we learnt it school , ‘ Health is Wealth’ is so damn true !

I will continue writing about Travel and some other random topics similar to this one. Let me know your thoughts.

Signing off and hoping to be back to food blogging real soon 😉

P.S. Sharing this from my blog as I am unable to post my Blog Link on Facebook 😦

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