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Maharashtrian Dahi Kadhi or Takachi Kadhi

I made some Dahi Kadhi or ताकाची कढी for dinner a couple of days ago. And since then a very close friend has been insisting that I upload a #recipe of the same. At first I was surprised that it is such a simple curry, why would anyone want the recipe. But I guess that goes for all cross cultural cuisines. We love to explore various Indian Cuisines and sometimes the simplest of the dishes make us more curious !

So, to talk about Dahi Kadhi or Takachi Kadhi. Its basically made across different regions of India. But I love this Maharashtrian style of preparation with lots of coriander. It's quite different from Punjabi Kadhi or Gujarati Kadhi in its appearance and flavour. Pair it with Papad or गरमा गरम बटाट्याच्या भज्या ( Aloo Pakode) and you're sorted.

Here is the recipe-


Finely chop about 3-4 green chilies, 5-6 fresh curry leaves and 7-8 garlic cloves.

Also chop loads of fresh coriander because this is the deal breaker !

Take about 300 gms Dahi / Curd. Whisk it properly and then into this add 1tbs Besan ( Chickpea Flour ) Now whisk it again so that there are no lumps.

In a deep pot or Kadhai, heat 1 tbs oil. Once heated add a pinch of hing, 1 tsp Cumin seeds and 1 tsp Mustard Seeds. Let this splutter.

Now reduce the flame and add chopped garlic, chopped curry leaves and chopped green chilies in that same order.

Let it fry till you see garlic becoming golden brown. Then add a pinch of haldi / turmeric.

Now into this add the mixture of Dahi + Besan. Mix it well and add about 2-3 cups of water depending on how watery you want this Kadhi to be. We like this quite watery so about 3 cups water is what I add.

Add salt as per taste.

Very important thing while making this is do not bring it to the boiling point. You need to keep stirring it continuously ( as soon as you see it is about to bubble up)

Keep this on a medium flame for another 4-5 mins while you stir occasionally.

Then turn off the flame. Garnish the Kadhi with lots ( and I mean a lot ) of fresh coriander and serve it with hot steamed rice accompanied by some piping hot Batata Bhajji ( Pakodas) or Papad.

This Kadhi is a must in summers as its very cooling !

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