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Review : Brewbot , For the Love of Brew

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Place : Brewbot 

Location : Lokhandwala- Andheri , Mumbai 

August 2016

One week ago : I try and take some friends here on a Saturday night. I’m already impressed by its laid back ambiance and décor. But my friends who are in a party mood want to hop across to The Local Passenger. After coming so close to craft beers and not getting to have these made me sad ! I decide I shall be back here soon.

Later : Me and my beer Buddy on a weekday out of nowhere suddenly decide “BrewBot chalein?” Without giving it a second thought we land here.

Okay. So coming to the point

Brewbot – Its a big brewery with ample space. An outdoor seating for bout 30 ppl with open smoking area. AC section can seat about 50 people with comfortable chair tables, Bar counter. The Upper floor has their main brewing tanks and seating for another 20-30 odd people.

If we talk about inspiration behind the name Brewbot, its quite simple! Brew for beers and Bot for their RoBot


Its a feel good place with a very knowledgeable and attentive staff. Music is suitable and at perfect decibel level that lets you enjoy the conversation. ( My friends were happy that it was the usual noisy pub music)

Talking about the Beers –

They are known for their craft beers. So for someone who wants to try it for the first time , they present to you the tiny tasters –

Skywalker – A Germal Kolsh Beer , Light bodied & Smooth.  Perfect to begin your ever .

Botwork Orange – Belgum Wit with beautiful undernotes of Coriander & Orange. This has got a creamy texture.

Floating Head – A German Hefeweizen. Undernotes of Banana & Clove . Creamy & Yumm.

Mojo Risiing – A US brew which is a caramel Malt. Earthy as well as floral.

Black Mamba – A UK chocolate Oat Cream Stout. A very chocolaty brew with roasted flavours.


** Bread Basket with  variants of butter was served complementary**

After tasting the beers we chose to for 4 litres of Skywalker and a Risotto and a chefs special pizza. Risotto was too delicious and the taste lingered for a while. Pizza too was the nice thin crust the way i like it with good amount of veggies.


Another visit recently helped us try a few more options. We had their Apple Martini ,  Which ensured they have a great bartender as well to have come up with such a smooth Maritini.

Farmhouse Pizza was a pesto based one that had some unique ingredients such as Pine Seeds , Pumpkins , Marinated Ricotta etc. I tried the Pumpkin for the first time in my pizza and absolutely loved it. The pine nuts gave it a kickass crunch.


For fries they were available in three different flavours. We opted for the Rosemary one. And it really was fabulous. Went well with our beers.


A full 5 pointers for the kind of beers , food , ambiance and service.

We need more places like these 🙂



Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance  – 5 / 5

Service – 4 /5

Value for money – 4 /5

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