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Place : Brewbot

Location : Andheri – Lokhandwala , Mumbai

16th October 2016

There is something ‘Happy’ about brunches that I really really like. Families and Friends catching up to have a wholesome meal that just makes your day. And when the place is really good such as ‘Brewbot’ it becomes an Exceptional Brunch.

Last Sunday , I got an invite for a blogger’s table. About 7 of us reached Brewbot at around 1130ish. I am a loyal visitor of brewbot and have been there several times over last two years but never had I come here for brunch. The outdoor seating was turned into a Fashion Pop Up Store so there was enough hustle bustle outside. Inside there was very nice ambiance and some subtle music. There are different pricing for different brunches * Check the server for best suitable one for you*


We started our brunch with DIY Salad and Mezze platter that included Pita Bread and a whole range of different breads from the basket. Baba Ganoush and dip made of Harrissa.


Salad too was perfect as all the ingredients kept there were really fresh from bacon to pickled mushrooms etc.

Beers – We  had their Skywalker – A German Kolsh style of beer. A pate fruity one

Floating head – A Belgian Wit with subtle notes of Orange & Coriander


Apart from this the non drinkers had the chocolate smoothie and a vanilla based drink.

From the brunch menu we had –

Disco fries – These were loaded with Beer Chicken. Vegetarian variant had beans in it. Sauces that were with it were yumm.


BBQ Chicken Pizza – This one was a  thin crust pizza that had the right amount of chicken. Could have done with some more toppings.


Risotto-  Again, lacked the right amount of cheese. Flavours were there but just the cheesiness was missing.


Egg Benedict – Was strictly okay. Seasoning was lacking and hence it had more egg-iness in it.


Mustard Chicken Burger – A classic burger which they knew how to get it right. Best with beers!


Some classics – Mac and Cheese & Grilled Pork Sausages – Simple & The Best


Penne Arabiata – According to the few of us we found it to be a lil on the non tangy side. This too could have been better with a lil bit add on cheese. Pasta was cooked to perfection but the seasoning would have helped.


Waffles  – A Brunch cannot be complete without a warm lovely dessert. We ended ours with Waffles.


Apart from the food tasting we had a Brewery Tour as well by the owner who showed us the entire process of brewery and how it works. I loved it as there were a lot of trivia facts for a beer fanatic in me!

Looking at the brunch trends around, this one really seems good for your wallet and for the right ambiance and some delicious food.

Surely worth a try!

Go in a big bunch you’ll have double the fun.



Taste – 4/5

Ambiance – 4. 5/5 

Service –  3.5 /5  ( unlike my usual visits this time they seemed a lil lost ! )

Value for money – 4 /5 

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