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Food is a Delight  @ Foodelite

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place :  Foodelite

Location : Sakinaka ( Vegetarian Delivery Kitchen ) 

10th November 2016

What if I told you that getting a healthy fix for your office meals is possible without it getting boring and yet well within the budget ? Yes , you heard it right. Foodelite is one such delivery kitchen ( Vegetarian Only ) that has come to save us all from eating junk. A brainchild of Aditya Dand & executed by both him and his wife Jashmili Dhulla Dand along with their team , Foodelite must come in your top 5 delivery kitchen options.


Having their kitchen stationed in Sakinaka  , they cover a vast area for delivery from Andheri to Ghatkopar , Powai to BKC and for bigger orders they deliver anywhere across Mumbai

Esteemed clients such as renowned Hospitals, Fitness Clubs and Dietitians, Schools and Colleges along with corporates.

Packaging done right. Containers being microwave friendly.

Fits all kind of budgets. (Cost for two approx. 300 )

Comes in Subscription Plans for Weekly , Two Weekly and 4 Weekly formats.

Great variety for Breakfast as well as Meals

Meals comprising of Indian , Oriental and International ( Continental )

Covers everything from mocktails to starters , pizzas ( thin crust ) , pasta , lasagna  & variety of Salads ( you must go through the menu to understand what I am talking about.

Daily meal plans that have change in menu everyday

Fresh ingredients and hygienic preparations.

An Online start up hence payment transactions are smooth.


I happened to taste their three different menus recently. Here’s my take about it.

International Range  ( Regular ) –  Hot Basil soup , Tossed Salad , Grilled Potatoes , Garlic Bread  & Fuselli Pasta in Alfredo Sauce ( White sauce pasta) for mains.

International Range Healthy Food  – Veg Clear Soup , Sprout Salad , Grilled Potato ,  Garlic Bread and Wheat Fettuccini Pasta


Indian Meal 

Aloo Tikki  ,Corn Jalfrezi , Paneer Butter Masala , Dal Khichadi , Methi Theplas ,  Papad and not to forget Mukhwas.  A complete meal for our Indian Soul.


My sister, a friend and I, three different people with different palate tried this meal and had different feedbacks each (good ones of course )

Swayam’s Pick – Sprout Salad , Hot Basil Soup and Entire Indian Meal


Prajakta’s Pick –  Sprout and Tossed both the salads , Hot basil soup , Paneer Butter Masala & Penne Alfredo


My Pick –  Sprout and Tossed both the salads , Grilled Potatoes , Corn Jalfrezi , & Dal Khichadi

When I mention Pick – it’s simply based on what we loved the most. It’s difficult to pick things when you like everything on your plate.

I paired my International meal with Some Red Wine.

Highlights – Sprout Salad Supper yummy and amazingly healthy. Tossed Salad with loads of Kale leaves, Garlic bread stays as it is even after a very long time whether you microwave it or no. Soups are perfect with consistency and ingredients. Not too runny not too thick. We couldn’t stop praising Dal Khichadi enough.


What could use some improvement – Pasta.

Verdict –

Taste – 4.8 /5

Ambiance – NA

Service –  5 /5 ( based on their delivery & order tracking )   

Value for money – 4.8/5 

Try it once and it will become your favorite office meal. Trust me on this!

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