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Deja Brew , Thank you :)

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Deja Brew 

Location : Bandra West

23rd Aug 2016

Isn’t it a dream to open your own Cozy Beer Café or a Bistro where you have a laid back ambiance, comfortable seating to let the people relax after a busy busy day at work. Good music in the background that wouldn’t intimidate the conversations. And Beers! The lovely craft beers to let you relax and let you simply be ! Well, that’s the exact idea that Sameer had when he came up with an idea of Deja Brew. A Hotel Management Graduate and a Chef himself , Sameer shares this amazing passion for food and Beers! The most important part being price friendly. Those who know me, know how much I love craft beers. We all know craft beers are so expensive! Hence, when a place like Deja Brew offers you the exact same craft beers at a very pocket friendly price , it sure brings a big smile on our faces.  We’re so glad Sameer came up with Deja Brew. Coz that was just what we needed.


Laid back seating @ Deja Brew


The Bar

Deja Brew is a newly opened place in Bandra , next to Great Punjab in Shoppers Stop lane. Its an indoor Bistro that has a seating for about 30 people and another 6-7 near bar counter. Ample light and very modern interiors. They also have some paintings hung on the walls that belong to different artists and are up for sale. We were about 6 of us and we went to Deja Brew at around 8pm on a weekday. Sameer was very happy to get things started for us.

We began with Spark. Spark is a White Owl Brew. It’s a Belgian light bodied beer with citrus note. I totally adore this one.


Spark by White Owl Brewery

Food that accompanied this was Radish and Cream Cheese Toasties garnished with Dill leaves. Very very innovative. Radish, I personally don’t like. Dill is another least liked veggie. But what a beauty they made out of these ingredients. It was super refreshing and perfectly complemented our Spark


Radish , Dill and Cream Cheese Toasties

Then we moved to Irish Red Ale – Diablo, A beer with a roasted aroma like that of a coffee. Very mild hence not over powering. This is between a light and a dark beer.


Diablo – An Irish Red Ale by White Owl Brewery

Pear Walnut Blue Cheese Salad was served with this beer. Blue cheese is something one must be very careful with. This Salad was very thoughtfully prepared with very subtle flavor of blue cheese that was great with pear , walnut and other dressings. Peri Peri Shrimps though I dint try seemed to have stolen the show. My friend couldn’t stop talking about it.

IMG_20160825_162953 (1)

Pear and Walnut with Blue Cheese Salad

We had our next beer – a White Zen by Gateway Brewery. This too is light beer. We were given Turkish Lamb Meatballs with this. What I liked about it – the pomegranate dip. What I didn’t like about it – Chewy texture of the meatballs. Overall flavor was good though.


White Zen by Gateway Brewery


Turkish Lamb Meatballs

Zucchini, Capers and Feta Cheese Pizza – this too was very nicely made. A thin crust one with capers that were yumm. Loved it.


Salmon , Baby Spinach and Egg Pizza

Salmon Baby Spinach and Egg Pizza – this was delightful. Centre covered with rocket leaves had a surprise inside an Egg Bennedict. This pizza was very creative too.

Our heavy beer of the evening – Doppelganger a Dark beer came next. This when I had tried earlier , hadn’t liked much. This time however since it was paired with right food it tasted really good.


Doppelganger by Gateway Brewery

I realized its all about food pairing. Similar to wine, beer too needs the right food to go with different beers.

Portobello Mushroom Slider – a Vegetarian one & Pulled Pork Slider a Non veg variant accompanied our Doppelganger. Both were tasty.


Portobello Mushroom Slider


Last but not the least instead of a dessert we finished our meal with an Apple Cider. These are made of Himachali Apples. Somewhere between beer and wine , this Cider is just perfect !


Apple Cider

Another good thing about these being craft beers don’t make you feel bloated. So you don’t have that heavy feeling at the end of your meal or drinks.

Overall we noticed, their menu is designed in such a way that they keep changing it every now and then understanding what people like to eat and what people respond to more positively. These are more of concise meals that can be consumed any time of the day, all day. The beers too you can either gulp it down or simply savour the flavor nice and slow taking in the laid back ambiance.

Go take your friends next time to Deja Brew. Order a glass of Spark or White Zen instead of your regular Kingfisher or a Budweiser. You will realize there is so much more to beers than just Barley!

Deja Brew, Thank you!

Taste – 5 /5

Ambiance – 5

Service – 4.5 /5 ( Wish I could give more )

Value for money – 5 /5 

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