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Box Meals Are Now Sorted with @Box8

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place / Outlet – Box8 ( Delivery Kitchen )

Location – Kandivali ( But this is standard for all outlets )

Date – 16th December 2016

Honestly, I am not a great fan of box meals. Probably coz the packaging or the food quality. But recently I have changed my opinion. At least in the case of BOX 8. I recently had a chance to review them. Here’s what we ate

Paneer Makhani Meal – This consisted of Paneer Makhani Gravy, Dal Makhani, Salad , Chutney( It was quite tasty ) and a Dessert ( Gulab Jamun ) We had a choice to pick Paratha or Rice. We opted for some plain steamed rice.



Firangi Sabz Biryani wasn’t the regular Biryani. It had a continental twist to it because of the veggies used in it. Especially the sautéed mushrooms and baby corn. Rice grains long and great with flavor.


Farm Fresh Wrap – They claim to use a special ‘BOX 8 sauce’ containing good amount of veggies wrapped in the covering of a thin layer of bread ( Chapati ) It wasn’t made of Maida hence was really nice.


Veg Royal Feast Sandwich – This absolutely surprised us. A Panini Sandwich that had a yummy pesto base. This sure was among our top pics of the evening.


Peshawari Chole – I always crib that you don’t get good Chole in Mumbai. I wont now. Box8’s chole were simply perfect. Period!

Iced Tea – Unlike Iced teas at a lot of places this actually had an essence of Tea.  Not overly sweet.

Masala Lemonade – How you expect it to be. Chatakedar !


Also I must mention , their Paranthas were really very good as they didn’t get soggy or too stiff which generally happens with a lot of home delivery options.

Choco Lava Cake & Moong Dal Halwa was for dessert and were ideal to finish our meal

Must Have’s – Any of their Panini Sandwiches , Peshawari Chole.


Taste – 4.5 /5

Ambiance – NA

Service –  Delivery Kitchen, however their entire process is very efficient.   

Value for money – 4.8 /5

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