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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Location – Multiple locations , Mumbai

16th January 2017

Who doesn’t like festive feasts ? We all do, right !!  Especially when they are extended for an entire month. Pizza Express has happily extended their Festive Menu till end of this month and I’ve got 5 reasons why you should try it right away –

  1. A complete , scrumptious 5 course meal

  2. Reduced pricing * Happy Me*. Making it economical for its high quality food.

  3. Best Warm Berry Crumble in the city. ( You’ll know it only when you taste it ) A must must must try !

  4. Present in 5 different locations in the city, so you can not miss out.

  5. Wood Fired Pizzas *Drools*

So, I recently had a chance to review the #Festive Menu. I headed to the Veera Desai , Andheri outlet post work. Interesting thing about #PizzaExpress is all their outlets have unique décor. So each time it’s a new experience at each of those.

Last week , I was presented with the New Festive Menu which came as quite a surprise as the pricing has been reduced to make it more economical. I interacted with the person waiting our table and he told us what's best.

From Soups Section we tasted both – Cream of Mushroom and Pumpkin Soup. Really rich , thick and yumm. Pumpkin had the smoky hint.


While Chicken Wings seemed super tempting I opted for the Doughballs with Spinach and Artichoke Dip. I’m a sucker for their dough-balls. The dip introduced as a part of new menu is worth the try. #Doughballs are soft and fluffy as usual and the creamy dip makes a good accompaniment for a pair of Sangrias. All you have to do is have it while it is hot 😉


We then ordered our Pizza which was Calabrese Verde a vegetarian Pizza. A unique Rectangular Pizza which has my favourite toppings – Mozzerella Cheese , Char Grilled Peppers , Olives , Basil & Jalepenos. A very very thin base of these pizzas make them super light hence don’t make you feel saturated.


Penne on Cilantro is their Indianized Pasta and I have absolutely loved it. Very simple ingredients such as Beans , Cocktail Onions , Cherry Tomatoes and creamy sauce make it a great dish. Cocktail Onions an unusual ingredients for a Pasta add the quirk to the dish and are very sharp & tangy. I totally recommend this.


To Finish our meal I had a choice between their legendary Cheesecakes , Brownie and Berry Crumble. I am so glad I chose the Warm Berry Crumble. I haven’t stopped talking about it ever since. This comes in a  big plate who’s base is filled with a sweet and sour warm berry compote and its in turn covered with buttery crumb further having a scoop of Gelato. This was winner of the night for me as it had such amazing flavours and textures. * I’m drooling while writing this*


The festive menu lasts till 30th January. Make the most of it while its around.


Taste – 4.8 /5

Ambiance – 4.6 /5

Service –  5 /5  

Value for money – NA ( It was an invite )

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