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You’re gonna Lobe this <3 : Souza Lobo,Goa

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Souza Lobo  

Location : Calangute Beach  , Goa 

Thrice in the year of 2016

Goa is all about Hospitality is what I have believed in and not once I’ve been disappointed. Least when it came to Souza Lobo.

Bang on Calangute Beach, this shack has been there for years & it has earned its name. I did come across its name among the ‘must eat’ places. Over last one year I have visited in thrice already and now I recommend it to whoever asks me about Authentic Goa food.

Souza Lobo has got its perfect spot facing the beach so you’re lucky if you get the beach facing seating. During day time they have only inside seating.

My visit in January was accompanied by a big corporate group for an event. It was a lazy Saturday lunch. Since we were a big bunch we were offered almost one section of the restaurant. Décor is typically Goan and classy  The Staff is fabulous. When you are a big bunch the service does lag at most of the places & I have personally faced this problem in Goa but not in Souza Lobo. The owner Mr. Jude Lobo is a gem of a person. He makes sure you are attended to really well. We had an array of dishes from King Fish to Lobster to Grilled Pork etc. Everything was too tasty and we couldn’t stop ourselves from getting the repeats of them. Surprisingly Veg food too was outstanding.

Must haves – Butter Fried Squid , Goan Masala Fried Prawns, Crispy potatoes , Crispy Veggies , Soute Mushrooms , King fish with Parsley Rice , Grilled Tiger Prawn in Butter Garlic , Stuffed Crab , Mussle Xacuti. ( Basically too many things that are just way too good)

Now , my recent trip to Goa took me to Souza Lobo again. This experience was even more pleasant than the first one. We chose a Saturday evening for our scrumptious dinner. Mr. Lobo was not there however his gesture and regards were felt throughout the attention that we got knowing that we are Souza Lobo lovers.

We started with Goan Chilly Chicken – This is mistaken by a lot of people for Chinese name but this is a delicious Goa dish. Sweet and spiciness is well balanced.


Batter fried Shrimp that was accompanied with fries and crispy onions.


My potato quotient for the day had to be completed and I remembered eating their crispy potatoes that went well with our beers.


For mains , Pomphret curry with Steamed  rice the simplest and the tastiest curries simply delighted us.


The portions are huge there. So whatever you call can suffice for 3-4 people.

Alcohol is decently priced & they make good cocktails here too. I liked the Mojito they presented. You do get most beers here unlike other shacks in Goa.


This isn’t one of the cheapest shacks but you don’t regret paying a slight higher cost for this quality of food. Highly recommended!!


Taste – 5 /5

Ambiance – 4 / 5

Service – 5 /5 ( Wish I could give more )

Value for money – 3.5 /5 

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