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Review : Wok in the box

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Place : Wok in the box

Location : Carter Road , Bandra, Mumbai

December 2015


Among the current trend of meal in the box, Wok In The Box seem to be getting quite popular lately. Out of the multiple outlets we ended up at their carter road outlet. Amidst the popular restaurants WITB has occupied a tiny place. Its minuscule if I may say so. But big things come in small packages & this places falls true to it.

You are impressed with the concept to begin with.

The process – You first pay for what you want which is Veg or Non Veg. Slight price difference out there. You are given a red bowl upon making the payment. There is a queue which you have to join in to pick up the veggies you want in your meal. There is a good range of veggies available which includes – Broccoli, Mushrooms , Sprouts , Onions , Spring Onions , Corn , Baby Corn , Peppers , Waterchestnuts , Bamboo shoots etc. You fill up the bowl and proceed to the chef based on your choice of meal.

You select the carbs – Rice ( Brown or White ) or Noodles (variants available there as well – Hakka / Flat )

You select protein – Paneer, Tofu, Chicken, Prawn , Egg etc

You select the spice – Thai, Kung Pao, Tibetan Hot , Sichuhan , Chilli basil and so on.

And watch it while they make your meal. I must say it is impressive to see your meal being prepared. Also , you get to taste it while it is being made so that the taste can be altered as per your choice. (How cool is that )

Once your meal is prepared in the Wok it is handed over to you in the box.

You may chose to garnish it with fried onions, fried garlic , fried noodles , ground nuts , chili flakes etc.

Not just the concept but the taste is fabulous too. Its value for money as well. One box is quite sufficient for one person to finish. If you aren’t hungry I wouldn’t recommend going for one full box of it ( unless you wanna pass out )

Since it’s a box food theme, it ain’t a place to sit n eat. So don’t expect it here. Try and grab someplace around if you want to eat peacefully. Else carter road is more than welcoming 😉

We tried different combos which comprised of Hakka noodles , flat noodles and rice all of which were yumm.

Will be looking forward to trying some other combinations soon.

Cover photo courtesy - Wok in the Box Facebook Page

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