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Restaurant Review : TYGR

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Location – Palladium Mall , Lower Parel , Mumbai

After almost a year’s break I went for a food review at this really new age place called TYGR. I was surprised by it’s name and wondered if it had any significance. When asked our server Ashish , he mentioned it takes TY from Thai and GR from Grill. As TYGR offers both ‘Thai’ and ‘American Grill’ food on its menu. Yet another outlet by Zorawar Kalra and it had to be so cool right !

What To Eat – Preserved Raw Mango and Avacado Salad ,

What To Drink –  Water at High Tide , The way of the duck.

Ambiance: Modern , Young , Chic.

The Ambiance is very new age like I mentioned. A really good bar at one end of it. Very professional staff – special mention for Ashish. He was great. We had a look at the menu and it really wasn’t that heavy on pocket at all. Most of the dishes were decently priced and provided good value for money.

We had a couple of signature cocktails. All of them were good. Especially Water at High Tide! Their bar menu is curated by the globally renowned mixologists Dino Koletsas and Barnaby Ingram who have been associated with the Artesian at London’s Langham Hotel.

We started our meal with Preserved Raw Mango and Avacado Salad . This was something I had never tasted before (And trust me when I say that ) it had sourness of raw mango and crunch of roasted coconut slices + fried onions. Sour + Spicy flavours made it an interesting combination.  It had the right amount of Kale Leaves to make it healthy yet not making it too leafy. We absolutely loved it.


We were then presented with Veg Pizzette.  I was not very keen on it as I didn’t really want to try a pizza here but to my surprise , this wasn’t really a pizza. It was a flat bread yes ! but it was topped with Mint Mayo ( unlike tomato passata ) I also thought there was wasabi.  This was topped with loads of mushrooms , laser thin cheese and veggies. It was really different. If you’re game to try something different then this is your thing.


We also had Crispy lotus stem. It was tangy and nice. Not the best place for it I’d say.


Corn and Water Chestnut Dumplings – These are their signature dumplings. These had a deep purlpe’ish cover. It was topped with tangy tamarind sauce, sesame seeds and cilantro! Slightly strange for dumpling but highly recommended.


For Mains we had Pad Thai Noodles that were topped with loads of sprouts and crunchy ground nut. These were good if not great.


We also had Jasmine Rice with Thai Green Curry.


Finally for desserts we had Chocolate Fudge which was served with a blueberry ice cream scoop on top of a biscotti base and mango dressing. This was delicious.


But what I loved a lot was this Thai dessert which was made with Water chestnut and coconut ice cream served on an ice bed. I don’t remember the name of this dish. They mentioned that the water chestnut is soaked overnight in the rose syrup hence it takes up its sweetness and the colour.



Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance – 4.5 /5

Service –  5 /5  

Value for money – NA ( It was an invite ) 

Feature Image Courtesy – Just Dial

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