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Welcoming the new LORD OF THE DRINKS POWAI

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Place: Lord of the drinks Powai

Location – Business District, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai


What To Eat – Organic Red Quinoa Beet Feta Salad , Honey Comb, Sushi

What To Drink – Signature Cocktails

Ambiance: Fun, Chic, Classy, BEST MUSIC !

The Talking Bee was invited by the newly opened Lord of the drinks #Powai for the menu review and we couldn’t have been happier. Its just been 2 weeks since its opening but #LOTD has already become really popular and it needed no proof as it was buzzing with the crowd. It was full, on a Monday evening !

My sister Prajakta and I went to #LordOfTheDrinksPowai and were truly impressed. There was not a single thing we could put a finger on. An elaborate menu for both #drinks and #food with enough variety for #vegetarians and non vegetarians. A really sexy bar right in the middle and why not ! Its so beautifully made that it must be displayed in its full glory. Cocktails are not just pleasing to the eyes but to the palate too.


Our Signature Gin & Tonic drink was so beautiful that we kept staring at it for the first few minutes ( I am not exaggerating at all ) The other cocktail made with Watermelon came in a glass shaped like a tusk placed on a wooden frame with some liquid fumes and what not ! Really fancy!


Organic Red Quinoa Beet Feta Salad : 375+ This had iceberg lettuce and rocket leaves along with sun-dried tomatoes ( good quality ) Pumpkin seeds and honey mustard dressing. Dressing was so apt and though this dish arrived post appetizers we finished it in no time. The pairing of beet and quinoa couldn’t have been more flawless.

Chili Shiitake Mushrooms 395+ - Tempura fried Shiitake and button mushrooms. My sister went bonkers after eating this.

Gilafi Kebab 425+ This was mixed with beans, cauliflower , potato etc and it was so tender. Totally juicy and did not even need chutney.

Truffle Asparagus Corn Dimsum 435+ I’d say this wasn't one of the best but it wasn't really bad either.

Philadelphia, Avocado Cucumber Roll 595+ - Mind blowing.

Aglio Olio Pepeoncino Pasta 445+ Just the way I like it. With spaghetti that’s al dente!

Red Thai Curry 475+ Simple subtle and best !

Honey Comb - This needs special praise. It had variety of flavours from salty to sweet and variety of textures! I highly recommend this for everyone to try.


Powai really needed places like these! We didn't want to step out of here at all.

Service was impeccable. Special thanks to Madan who was managing our table along with surrounding few tables. Music was killer and would make anyone want to get off their feet and dance.

P.S. - Portions in the pictures are for review only. Actual portions are bigger.

Taste – 5/5

Ambiance – 5 /5

Service – 5 /5

Value for money – NA ( It was an invite )

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