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Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle @Sizzle House

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Sizzle House

Location – Shivaji Park , Dadar , Mumbai   

27th March 2017

Sizzler – A Mexican dish that has been so Indianized to suit our palate and has become an inevitable part of dine out experience every now and then. I’d say very few places have mastered this dish. Sizzle house has not just got it right but has experimented with it to serve something unique to its customers.

We recently visited Sizzle House. Considering Monday, we expected it to be empty. But no ! this place has got quite some popularity I must say. At 7:30 it was pretty occupied. Siddharth one of the partners of Sizzle House was present at the restaurant.

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A quick look around and the cozy ambiance of the place syncs in. It’s a very small outlet that seats approx. 30 – 35 people. 90’s music playing in the back-ground , walls adorned with murals and some funky one liners etc make it a very cute place.

Menu covers everything from soups and salad to burgers and rolls. Pizzas and a range of appetizers. Their specialty One Pan Meals and of course Sizzlers !

Here is what we ate at Sizzle House –

Mini Garlic Bread With Garlic Butter was on the house ( yay ) Garlic butter was really tasty and smooth.


We had this with our Pink and Green Lemonades. Pink was made from Pomegranate and Green was of Green Apples  respectively. Both maintaining good blend of fruitiness not overpowering sourness of the lemonades.

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Pan Roasted Veg Momos in Chili Oil – Very appealing set of momos that were filled generously with assorted veggies , steamed and then pan roasted. Had a good roasted garlicy flavor. Also cilantro in it making it very Indian . But Chili oil was over the top making it very oily.



Pav Bhaji Sizzler – This is what I think I’d come back to this place again and again for! This dish is a delight! Burger Buns i.e. Pav that enclose mashed hot Pav bhaji  liquid cheese poured over it and this is surrounded by Onion Rings  ( tad bit salty ) Must have dish !


Vegetable Stew with Steamed Rice and Garlic Bread- I don’t have a great fondness for Stew. But the server recommended this dish repeatedly and we thought it might be great. Simple. Wasn’t bad. But not something I’d enjoy eating after something as interesting as Pav Bhaaji Sizzler. Also the garlic bread served along was too oily.

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Choco Chip Popping Pizza – It was made of a brownie kind of base topped with M&M’s ,vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It wasn’t sizzling hot. It also lacked choco chips. Overall we didn’t like it much.


Pros –

  1. Great options for Non Vegetarians

  2. Location ( Shivaji Park )

  3. Pocket friendly


  1. They do not serve alcohol

  2. Some dishes needed improvement

  3. Slightly over the top with oil content


Probably I didn’t have the right dishes here. Maybe will try a few more things. Untill then here we go-

Taste – 3.2 /5

Ambiance – 4.4  /5

Service –  4.2 /5  

Value for money – 4 / 5

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