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Review : InstaMomos ( Delivery Kitchen)

Setup - Delivery only

Location : Borivali, Mumbai

Vegetarian with Jain options available.

This pandemic has taught us all, a lot about food. That food and only food will help us sail through the tough times. Many of us tried our hands at cooking for the first time. Many became better at cooking with practise. And then there are people like Viren who started their own home run delivery Kitchen.

Viren gave his love for Momos a name and started ‘Instamomos.’

Viren, a full time CA working in risk management profile has always been fond of Dimums and Dumplings. During this lockdown he realised that there are very few outlets serving good quality homemade Momos. He used to make Momos for his friends and family. His loved one always liked these handmade Momos at the house parties. That is what encouraged him to give this a shot and bring this passion project to reality.

InstaMomos is a fairly new setup. About 40 days in running to be precise. They take orders well in advance as every order is made fresh from scratch. It’s a Weekend Only Kitchen. All the Momos are made by Viren. Initially his mother was curious about her son’s new venture and now she’s more like a Quality Control Officer of #InstaMomos.


We tried below variants of Momos

1. Vegetable Momos – Steamed, Fried and Tandoori

2. Oriental vegetable Momos - Steamed, Fried and Tandoori

3. Corn and Cheese Momos - Steamed, Fried and Tandoori

These were served with Mint and Coriander dip, Red Chili Schezwan Dip and Spice infused Chili oil.

Although we liked all three, Corn and Cheese was a clear winner. Among the type of Momos, #Tandoori was a big hit. I am a big fan of simple steamed Momos but the Tandoori momos by Instamomos have changed my mind.

These were really delicious and paired well with the dips given. These Tandoori Momos are made in an open fire set up and have a very nice charred flavour.

Fried Momos were also pretty good.

Another plus point would be the Momos are big in size compared to most outlets. Each box comes with 8 Momos which is totally filling. Momo wrappers aren’t machine made these are hand rolled.

The only negative point would be the Momo Cover/ Wrapper. It was slightly thicker than we would have liked. But when I gave my feedback to Viren, he was more than happy to receive constructive criticism. He mentioned that they work towards making the product better with each feedback.

Though based in Borivali, InstaMomos delivers across Western Suburbs. They have even hand delivered these all the way to South Mumbai. So, don’t hesitate when you place your order.

While you get your package of food, Viren personally calls and guides you with the re-heating instructions if at all needed.

These Momos come in Microwaveable Containers hence simply microwaving it for just 45 secs works fine too.

Although currently only Momos, they plan to expand in the future with 'meal for two' kind of a concept especially for working professionals.

Apart from this, they also sell Frozen Momos. These can be kept in the refrigerator for upto two weeks and you can relish on Momos whenever you like at the comfort of your home.

Instagram page

Also sharing the menu for you guys to get an idea of the price point.


Verdict :

A good variety of hand made Momos. Corn and Cheese Momos are a hands down winner. Tandoori Momos are killer ! Go order !

Taste – 4/5

Ambiance – NA (This is cloud kitchen. Hence delivery only)

Service – 5/5 ( Viren personally look into the orders and are very prompt in response)

Value for money – NA (It was a collaboration)

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