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Restaurant Review: Nair on Fryer

Location: SV Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

When: Multiple times

Nair on Fire has been around for quite some time now and it has been supremely popular among the people who enjoy a wholesome South Indian Meal. But Nair on Fryer is an extension that, everyone was waiting for! You now have a place where you can sit and eat their food – street food style.

At Bandra, they have a small place that has their kitchen dishing our scrumptious #Kerala food and just outside that, they have a makeshift seating arrangement. This works perfectly given the fact that they want to offer people a typical Thattukada – A Kerala Street Food experience. You literally sit on Plastic tables here.

We were invited by the owners and we visited it a few weeks on a Saturday noon.

Chef Vinod G Nair and the owner Toral Sanghvi welcomed us and gave us a little tour of their humble kitchen.

We started with a glass of refreshing Kulluki- a raw mango drink with Sabja.

We tried-

Mini Aloo Meal served with Parottas

Egg curry mini meal served with Parottas

Kerala Fried chicken – relished by my non-vegetarian friend.


Pazhamporis (Sweet Banana fritters)

All of these were made in coconut oil and with generous use of curry leaves imparting it that perfect Kerala taste and aroma.

Here is our meal experience.

Apart from the above, they serve toasties, many seafood dishes, and chicken dishes. For a vegetarian like me, there were not many options. Aloo was the only ingredient that was used for veg preparation. Maybe Raw banana or Yam could be used for a few other dishes (in my opinion).

We happened to visit them again when they introduced Pothichoru.

Here is a link for their Zomato page

The team is going to expand the menu in the future. We are looking forward!



Taste – 4/ 5

Ambiance – NA. It’s a curb-side place.

Service – NA

Value for money – NA (This was an invite)

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