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Resort Review : Chaitraban Resort, Harnai (Dapoli)

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Travel Dates : August 2018

During our visit to the beautiful coastal town of #Dapoli, we decided to stay in this resort called - Country Brand's Chaitraban Resort.

Bypass Road Harnai, Opposite Table Point, Harnai, 415714

Getting here -

While we were almost reaching the location, on one side of the road was the hilly terrain and on the other was beach. It was stunning! Especially in rains! There were not too many signboards of the hotel which made it slightly difficult for us to find the hotel as the phone connectivity was very bad. One has to be very careful while driving this patch as upon reaching the top there is a slightly downhill path that leads to the resort.

The staff Afnan and Aziz greeted us upon reaching who had done our booking.

We were assigned a base category room. We had a look at it and it was lovely!! These were more like Eco -Cottages. All wooden and have a very subtle earthy décor. Comprising of all necessary amenities such as AC, LED TV, Wardrobe etc.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped into the balcony of the room as the view from the room was breathtaking.

Here’s what the base category looked like.

When we actually looked around, we realized that there weren’t many people staying at the property at that point hence we requested for an upgrade. They happily offered us the same.

There’s only one #suite. Difference is its bigger in size and has beautiful bed. Also bathroom is much bigger with a bathtub.


All the rooms were surrounded with lush greenery. Each room had a sit out area with a swing chair. Balcony overlooks the sea ( not an immediate sea view. It’s pretty far but it’s very soothing.)

This is the view from the room.

Balcony was ideal for sipping on some wine or beer in wine glasses :P Which exactly what we did !


For dinner, they served us some piping hot home-style Bhindi Masala and Paneer Bhaaji. We Mumbaikars are not used to early dinner hence we had requested for dinner at 11. They happily agreed. In fact whenever needed anything, they were always available. 5 pointer for their hospitality.

Next morning, we woke up a little early with all the chirping of birds around. I sat in the balcony with a hot cup of green tea first thing in the morning.  After some time we headed for breakfast.

Chaitraban has a common dining area which looks very natural and interesting. Here’s how it looks.

We called for Upma , Pohe and Shira. All were yum but took a little extra time.

Both the owners, Afnan and Aziz were there during our breakfast. This is when we had a good hearty chat with these two young men.

Both of them, Dapoli residents have been college friends and they wanted to start something of their own. Chiatraban Resort belonged to some #Pune Residing owners until July 2017. From August, these two took it over and since then have been putting in a lot of hard work to bring it to people’s notice. They are not on any other online portal except I, in fact suggested them that they must create their social presence because such a lovely property & hospitality needs to be highlighted. It’s totally meant for people like us who need quaint, serene getaway places to rejuvenate without paying a bomb.

Our total cost here including breakfast and dinner was INR 4100/-. Absolutely economical.



Rooms : 5/5

Food : 4/5

Service : 5/5

Value for Money : 5/5

Cover image courtesy - Goibibo

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