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Malad’s cool place to chill – THE HOOD

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : The Hood   

Location – Near Infiniti Mall , Malad West , Mumbai   

4th  January 2017

I am really pleased with all the new cool places coming up in and around my area ( Malad , Kandivali & Borivali ) The Hood is a pleasant new addition in the vicinity that saves me from the travel all the way to Lokhandwala and the sorts.

Earlier this month ,we had to pick up a place for celebrating my sister’s birthday and we wanted some fun place over a fine dine. The Hood was pending since long hence was an easy pick.

Very close to INFINITY MALL , Malad , this is a small place with seating for approx. 50-60 people. The Grunge / Rusty décor that seems to be very IN currently. Service dressed in ‘Hoodies’ to be in sync with the name. It has an upper floor and the ground level. We had an infant ( my niece Sanaaya) with us hence we were suggested by them to stick to ground floor with decent decibel level.


Menu has both the Classics And Fusion Food. Honestly, I’m quite over the fusion trend but they seemed to have done a decent job with it. Menu is designed in a funky way that makes you want to find out more about their drinks and food.


Here’s what I had –

Chilli Cheese Toasties – A flat bread loaded with cheese and green chilies. Have it while its hot as the cheese gets too bland after a point. This is what I thought. However, my sister couldn’t stop praising it.


O.M.F.G. Fries – Three different kinds of fries – Rosemary , Kajun and Garlic Parmesan that were served with what they call as Signature Dips. This definitely is a MUST HAVE. They have got it perfectly right.


Egg- Xactly – Pretty looking tasty dish is how I would describe it. This was Boiled egg with a coating of Chicken Kheema further coated with a crispy layer.

For mains we called for MushVroom Pizzetta – A simple pizza with topping of mushrooms and onions. Thin Crust and amazing.

Negative – This was very similar to their Chili Cheese Toastie. If you are ordering both at the same time you may get disappointed like I did.


For Drinks we had Madam Fire Brigade – A Mojito with a  chili cick. Woah the kick hits you. Very spicey. Only if you dare. A 5 pointer from me for this drink.


A White Wine Sangria was pretty average though.


They also have interesting Tikki Cocktails.

A special mention of the Staff as they were very considerate and efficient. ( As mentioned earlier we had an infant with us )

I’m gonna try a few more cocktails and food items from their menu. Till then I’m good with what The Hood had to offer me.

Why you need to visit THE HOOD

Very few cool places around

Pricing doesn’t make you cry

Music is apt. Not very loud ( At least till 10 pm.)

Taste – 3.9 /5

Ambiance – 4.1 /5

Service –  4.6 /5  

Value for money – 4.3 /5

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