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Ikigai - Airbnb Review (Pondicherry)

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Ikigai is one of the most trending words of the recent years. A Japanese word #Ikigai means - a reason for being or purpose of life. It truly reflected the Airbnb we rented in Pondicherry. This home resonated with the word Ikigai in its aesthetics and vibe.

This is what I love about Airbnbs in general, most of which are Homes of people. Hence I believe,these have a soul of their own. There is a personality of each of these houses. Ikigai was definitely one of the most beautiful AirBnB’s we came across in #Pondicherry. During our two night’s stay here, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

It is located on Canteen Street, in White Town hardly few minutes away from most of the popular localities in #Pondicherry. We rented a scooter for an easier movement.

Owned by Ms. Suranjika Patnaik and family, the house has very strict security arrangements. They helped us over the phone with getting familiar with the home.

We were two couples who shared this two bedroom apartment.

Everything from their selection of light fixtures to decor, furniture, elements like books, antique artifacts even the toiletries they had kept were very chic and upscale. They hadn't compromised on the quality of the products.


The master bedroom, apart from a super comfy king sized bed, had a quaint work desk by the window overlooking the street, a day bed and a huge book shelf. Here are a few pictures.

2nd Bedroom was also beautifully done with a different color theme. It was spacious and pleasant. (this room did not have an attached bathroom. Bathroom was across living room)

We also loved the Kitchen. It was stocked up with everything one might need during the stay. From necessary dishware, cutlery, bar essentials, it also had basic staples one may need. Because of which, we ditched going out one of the nights and thought we’d cook up a quick meal of #Maggi and ready to eat pastas.

The living room had a huge 52 inch Smart TV with an access to Netflix etc.

The house was breezy, bright and had a very positive vibe ( you know what I mean! )

We paid INR 14500 for two nights stay.. A total value for money !

I would recommend it for families / group of friends for a pleasant stay in the heart of Pondicherry.


Here is a link for booking it on Airbnb

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Yore Oyster a travel site.

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