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Hotel Review : Holiday Inn Express Nashik Indiranagar

Location : Mumbai Agra Highway, Nashik

Distance from the Airport : 25 kms

Time to reach from Mumbai : Approx 4 hrs

Travel Dates : July 2021

I stayed here in July for official visit. The stay was about a week long and for most hours of the day we used to be in conference at another hotel hence the actual use of the hotel was for sleeping and breakfast only.

Image - IHG website

This is the basic business hotel that serves the purpose of good bed, clean room and basic amenities.

Room size is approx 150 sq ft which is one of the smallest rooms I have seen. This consists of a Queen bed. A side study table. LED TV and a dressing table ( compact)

Washroom and the WC are separate to save space and the washbasin is outside the washroom strange but not very odd given the Express module.

For a single person staying, this is just about comfortable space.

The biggest negative of the hotel was the food.

The restaurant is self service which is completely alright but the food quality was way below average. It lacked taste, variety and basic taste.

Especially vegetarians like me suffered the most as for breakfast the only edible thing was Bun Maska ! Yes. That’s all was there. For breakfast items there used to be one South Indian Item - Idli mostly. One of the days the chutney had also gone bad ( Spoilt) one of the days there was Misal which was watery and lacked any flavour for that matter. And yes, this was it !

As we visited in lockdown, the dinner was on only till 8PM which judging on the breakfast quality we skipped straightaway.

The staff is good and does their best.

Verdict : For a single person the space is just about comfortable. Avoid food under any situation.

Room rate per night : Approx INR 2200/- ++

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