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Review : Terttulia - For Wine & Everything Fine :)

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Place : Terttulia

Location : Shivaji Park , Dadar , Mumbai

November 2015

There are good places, there are better places and there are places that enchant you with its beauty and elan. Terttulia is the latter one.  It is located in Shivaji Park about 2 mins from the popular Open House Bar & Café.


As the name suggest it welcomes you with its Spanish / Portuguese style décor. Its too pretty. It has two segregated sections which are the diner and the bar area. #Bar is more of rustic and rugged look whereas the diner is elegant white washed minimal interior.

There are cute elements thrown in like a Piano, a Dressing table , Kettles , Antique props etc. The bar is decent and visually appealing.

During Diwali days I ended up going there with my girls on an afternoon and I’m glad we did so. Sameer a very courteous server handed us the menu and offered us a cozy table. We did take some time to sync in the vibe. The music they played was also perfect.

What we ordered –

Sunday Sangrias – We started our meal with glasses of Sunday Sangrias made of Red Wine. It had a very soothing blend of the wine and the fruits they had used.

IMG_20151113_160039_1 - Copy

Portobello Olive Feta – Mouth watering. Feta cheese was so fresh and the flavours were great.

Sesame Chicken Kebabs – A little Chewy but wasn’t bad .


Dips and Pate Platter- This was the best thing we ordered that afternoon . It was a combination of Pita bread served along with four dips – Hummus , Tzatziki , Mushroom Pate  & Olive Tapenade.


The food gave us some serious foodgasm. We couldn’t stop going gaga over it which was spotted by the service very promptly. We were offered a complementary repeat of Breads 🙂

Crème Brulee Cheese Cake – This was a part of the debate and we thought instead of the mud cake we should go for this. Trust me it was good ! The caramelized layer on the cheese cake was a treat for the palate.


We kept wanting to repeat our Sangrias and some more food only to realize we were full. Terttulia isn’t one the places that are easy on wallet but again , hey you do pay so much for the ambiance and the ‘feel good factor’ right ? Tertulia suits all kind of people those on a date , those who want to chill with friends or the ladies who want to catch up with their girls. P.S. ( This place isn’t for college kids )

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