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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Place: Seeds of Life

Location – Pali Hill, Bandra, Mumbai


A place that’s cute looking with an ever smiling staff who serves super healthy food options ! They have vegan, glutton free options.



What To Eat – Sol Salad, The Pepper Pesto Pizza, Anything from the desserts

What To Drink – Smoothies (Especially Banana Smoothies)

Ambiance: A tiny place with cute, pleasant décor.

We went there on a Wednesday evening and within half an hour i.e. by 8 PM., it started getting full.

We were welcomed by the staff and were offered the menu to select the food from. However, we chose to opt for their recommendations

Here’s what we had

Sol Salad: Lots of Avacado, Herbs, Lettuce and fresh veggies. (approx. INR 225)


Pepper Pesto Pizza – This may mislead you, you may think it’s a green pesto pizza but it’s a red pepper passata on a whole wheat thin crust pizza base and lots of veggies. We totally loved it. They also have pizzas with Ragi Base.  (INR 395 approx )


For mains we had Lebanese Bowl – Their hummus was very fresh and yummy. And the broccoli rice served along was mind blowing ! (INR 525 approx)


We had Mint Iced tea (INR 150 approx)  and Go Bananas with MACA smoothie ( INR 200 approx )  – both were really good. Iced Tea was not all over sweetened unlike most places.


I cant wait to go there and have a hearty breakfast!


Taste – 4.5 /5

Ambiance – 4 /5

Service –5 /5  

Value for money – NA (It was an invite) 

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