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Dinner Date @Razzberry Rhinoceros

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Place – Razzberry Rhinoceros

Location – Juhu, Mumbai  

17th August 2017

Razzberry Rhinoceros, a familiar name as far as Mumbai nightlife is concerned. Used to be very Hip place to go to a few years ago. Good news is that it is back ! Bad news is there is a lot of scope for improvement.

Quick Summary

  1. View, Vibe #Vatavaran this is what you can go there for.

  2. Food was pretty average ( as far as vegetarian food is concerned according to us )

Me and my girlfriend Visited RR last week on a Thursday evening around 8ish. Its located on ground level inside Juhu hotel. Very relaxing vibe with sea facing seating and overall  cool ambiance. Service that day was more or less prompt. We ordered for


  1. Pineapple and Kaffir (Rs.600++) This was a gold rum based cocktail which completely lacked rum. My friend wondered if it had rum in it at all ! When we told our server about it. He didn’t offer to fix it. He didn’t know what to say which was weird.

  2. Kingefisher Ultra ( Rs. 275++ ) there was no other beer available except Kingfisher Premium and Sol. They have 7 beers on the menu which doesn’t include Sol.

  3. A Long Island Iced Tea ( 600++ cant recollect properly ) This was decent.

  4. A Red Wine Sangria ( 450++ ) – Strictly average. Dint find it refreshing enough. I have had better Sangrias.


We both are vegetarians, for starters we didn’t find much variety as far as hot plates are concerned. ( maybe we should have ordered something from their Kebab section ) We called for Chipotle Paneer Tikka Satey – the description mentioned pickled cucumber ( dint find any) taste was strictly average.

Fry Basket– it had assorted fries , wedges and onion rings. Fries were really good. Hand cut but the dips lacked flavour. Again, have had better dips since fries were on point.


For mains we ordered  Khimchi Noodle Bowl from their Oriental Bowl. This was way too sour. So sour that we couldn’t eat it after just 3-4 bites.


Though we had a lovely time in the laid back ambiance. The food failed to impress us. Maybe we chose the wrong dishes and could have asked them for their recommendation.

Our review – Go there for its view and feel only.


Taste – 3.4 /5

Ambiance – 4.8 /5

Service –  3.5 /5    

Value for money – 2.5 / 5

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