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Spa Cuisine @Sante

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Location : BKC ( Bandra Kurla Complex ) , Mumbai 

Spa Cuisine , an interesting at the same time very intriguing combination indeed. Even I was curious and wasn’t aware what it meant. So I did what everyone else did. I googled it. Its made from all natural ingredients , no added flavours or artificial ingredients.  Its colourful organic food. Has a good balance of nutrients. It showcases creativity.

Here is an interesting article I came across that shows details about this-Link

And that is what we got at Sante.

Well , we were invited to review Sante and we were really surprised when we reached there and found that it was full on a Tuesday evening. So much so that they were not taking walk ins.

We were shocked when we saw their extensive menu which had vegan , glutton free, alkaline and many such variants in terms of vegetarian food. My friend who is a vegan got super excited when she saw the menu. Here is a link – Menu


They have their home baked breads , an extensive breakfast menu which has some great smoothie bowls.


We started our meal with two glasses of White Wine Sangrias.


We had their Mediterranean Quinoa Salad that was one of the best Quinoa dishes I have had in a long time. It had crunch of Apple and Walnut ,Saltiness of Feta cheese , Sweet and Sourness of the Citrus and Herbs of  Rocket Leaves. We both absolutely loved it.



Green one was made up of Spinach and the third dimsum was with Waterchest nut. My favorite ingredient when it comes to Asian food.


Pizza verde was with topping of Spinach, Roasted Zucchini and even methi leaves along with other herbs. Whereas Rosso had the usual peppers and tomato , olives etc toppings. Both pizzas had a ragi base which made it quite healthy. You can definitely try this for your ‘Cheat Day’ 🙂


It made someone super happy


There were quite a few other desserts on display.


Their kitchen area was open are was very hygienic.


Our dinner lasted for good 2 and a half hours. Even when we left the place was full. They must be doing something right , right !

Do check out the place when in BKC. Health freak or not , I highly recommend this place.

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