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Beloved Rooftop @Wok Tail 90 Ft Above

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : 90 Ft Wok Tail   

Location : Borivali West , Mumbai   

8th November 2016

Another review by The Talking Bee glorifying Borivali. Yes I’m a proud Borivalikar ! However I’ve been disappointed by the nightlife scenes in here. Lately I have come across a few really great places to have a couple of drinks and chill and I have to have to include Wok Tail by 90 Ft. Above in it.

Last week I had an invite to review their new menu. 90 Ft above has been known by people of Borivali for dishing out some great Indian and Italian Food. Pan Asian / Oriental is something was amiss. Not Anymore. Wok Tail is the new introduction from August which covers a large range of Asian cuisines that covers – Chinese , Cantonese , Thai , Indonesian , Burmese etc.

Firstly , once you step into this place the ambiance really impresses you. It can beat any good place in the known localities. 90 Ft Above is in a very convenient location in Borivali and is a Rooftop Restaurant. I have a thing for Rooftop. There is something so soothing and relaxing about the cold breezes on rooftops which I Adore. On a Tuesday evening at around 8ish we reached there to find out the place to be decently occupied with a twenties something crowd. A good number for a weekday. They have three sections – Outdoor Seating , An Indoor Non AC seating and an Indoor AC Seating. All having different look and feel. Décor is classy. We looked around and settled at the outdoor smoking section. Music was comfortable and so was the seating. The duty Manager Mr. Sanket was around and he introduced us to the Wok Tail’s concept and what their specialties are etc.  We started our journey of Oriental Experiences. Here are the details.

Asian Yuzu – A Tequila Cocktail. Served in an interesting Vibrant Tea Pot. This was made up of Grape fruit and a hint of Citrus. I loved it.


Summer 90 Ft – As personalized with their name , this one’s a Vodka Cocktail a mix of Orange , Kacchi Kairi & Ginger. A Tiki Cocktail served in a funky tiki glass.


Indonesian Gado Gado Soup – * Already dreamy about it* This was a very tasty thick soup made of blanched veggies that had loads of peppers , noodles and a rich peanut tasting. A very healthy option for a soup with loads of veggies. The flavor of coriander not overpowering peanut. Superb ! Recommended.

Summer Love Salad– I loved it but my sister found it to be on a bitter side. Made up of three different kind of Lettuce & Tomatoes , Celery & Lemon. Only negative according to me was the addition of Cottage Cheese – Paneer. Cheese would have been a better pairing.



Burt Garlic Lotus Stem and Water Chestnut – Those who know me , know very well how much I love Water Chest nut. This preparation was so so good that we just couldn’t stop eating at all. A great mix of sweet and spices. Crunchiness of Lotus stem and Water chest nut. This made it a great starter. Highly Recommended.


Grilled Chaap With Red Wine Glaze – This amazing healthy preparation of Soya , I’m not sure how many people are aware of. Brilliantly made with spices and sweetness of thai chillies and perfectly glazed with red wine. We were totally gaga over it.


Team Work Dim Sums – This needs a lil improvement. The cover was a lil ‘doughy’ and there was something missing with the taste of the filling as well. The dips that came along were way way tasty.


Mains – We opted for Nasi Goreng – A street style typical Indonesian fried rice preparation. I was a lil hesitant on how they’d make it. My sister being a world traveler has had it in Indonesia itself was gonna be critical about it , I was pretty sure. But hold on it turned out to be quite delicious !!


We both were so in love with it that inspite of being full we kept eating it. A great combination of fried rice with nuts and veggies. The cashews were adding to the taste to an already yummy Nasi Goreng. I doubt you get this anywhere around Borivali.

Dessert – We opted for the Paan Panacota. What a beautiful dish. Actually all the dishes here were very pretty looking but this deserves a special mention. Served on a beatle leaf , was a inhouse speciality Paan flavoured Pana Cota and a Delicous Ice cream what gave it the perfect Paan edge was the Gulkand atop it. A must have when here.


Apart from this they have usual Chinese preparations and a Wok. Where you make your own wok.

It can be slightly lower on the cost.

PS. This is Vegetarian outlet ( A  very important piece of information)

Borivali Peeps , A really cool place to have a  drink or two and chill.

Taste – 4.5 /5

Ambiance -5/5  ( Awesomeness )  

Service –  4.5 /5 

Value for money – 4  /5 

Feature Image Courtesy – Burrp

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