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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Satkar Rice Plate

Location : Goregaon Station ( East ), Mumbai

Over many times in past few years.

Have been here several times before but my recent visit let me try more things. Located very close to the Station, Satkar Rice Plate is very convenient for a lot of people from office going crowd to the family foodies. A lil Shady from outside but family restaurant from the inside . You’ve got AC & Non Ac sections both.


Chicken Thaali


Chickem Mains

Tisrya Plate – Clams ( this was the tastiest dish of that evening ). My friend was gag a over it. Very Juicy meat.


Tisrya Plate

Kokam Kadhi –We couldn’t stop ourselves from asking repeats of this. For a summer evening there isn’t as refreshing as a good Kokam Kadhi. The minus points – Well , when we went there , one friend had this craving for Crab but Nope. They didn’t have crab available. We were okay with it. Then we asked for Vade ( Mixed grain fried flat bread of Kombdi Vade ) Nope. They do not serve vade on Tuesdays & Thursdays ( Unbelievable ) So we had to settle for Bhakri.

For Vegetarian food. I wanted to eat Varan Bhaat. This is the simplest & a very basic element of a Maharashtrian meal.  I was told that’s made only for lunch & not for dinner. This was the shocker. So out of several things we were straightaway rejected for these.

I am not saying this isn’t one of the favorites. When someone wants to have coastal food , Satkar is and will always be one of the first names that will pop up in my mind. Food is great here, no doubt. But these policies need to be so rigid.


Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance  – 2 / 5

Service – 4 /5

Value for money – 5 /5

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