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Tomato Saar / Rassa ( Malvani Tomato Curry )

This dish to any Malvani or a Konkani is soul food. This coconut based tomato curry is oddly satisfying when paired with hot steamed rice.

Here is the recipe---------


Coriander Seeds – 2 Tablespoons

Dry red chilies – 5-6

Coconut – Half grated

Onion- One onion sliced

Green Chilies -2-3 finely chopped

Curry leaves – 4-5

Garlic – 7-8 Cloves

Ginger – 1 Inch

Turmeric – Half a teaspoon

Asafoetida( Hing )- 1 pinch

Coriander – For garnish

Salt – as per taste


  • Grind a coarse powder of 2 tablespoons of Coriander Seeds + 5-6 Dried red chillies. ( Do not add water )

  • In this add half a grated coconut + 5-6 cloves of garlic+ small piece of ginger + half sliced onion. Grind this into a paste.

  • Now, in this add 2-3 roughly chopped tomatoes and once again grind all of the above into a fine paste.

  • In a pot heat about 3 spoons oil. In this fry 4-5 cloves of garlic chopped or whole. Add 1 green chilli split+ curry leaves+ mustard seeds + Asafoetida. Let it splutter. Then add half an onion sliced. Let it become slightly brown. Now add 1 tomato roughly chopped + salt.

  • Let this cook for about five mins till tomatoes soften. Then add above paste and water to adjust consistency of the curry.

  • Along with water add two-three Kokum.

  • Bring this to boil.

  • Add chopped coriander for garnishing.

  • You can add an extra tadka. ( This is optional)

  • In a small tadka pan take one tablespoon oil. Heat it. In it add mustard seeds + split green chillies 2 + 2 dry red chillies + curry leaves. Let it splutter and pour this over the curry when the curry is fully cooked. ( Curry should not have a raw coconut flavour, so cook accordingly)

Serve it with hot steamed rice.

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