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The Talking Bee’s recommendations for Valentine’s Day

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Writing a new post after a really long time and a special one as #Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Well, there are two kinds of people those who love the concept of Valentine’s day and celebrating it with their special someone . The rest find it boring and highly overrated.

Do I even need to tell you all which category do I belong to !

A couple of years back I had shared a write up with a few suggestions –

So, here are more recommendations of some really great places for a perfect date night for this really special day.

Location – Novotel, Juhu , Mumbai

We celebrated last Valentine’s day here. I’d definitely give full marks for the ambiance and the location. But it is definitely heavy on pocket. Located inside Novotel Juhu , #GDV is sea facing restro-bar which has a beautiful outdoor seating. Minimum billing for a table for V day should be approx 8k ( please check before making a reservation) The staff was really courteous and in spite us being one hour late, they did save us the table in the front which had the closest access to the view. They had a live band performing which was good too.

Food is strictly average ( or maybe below average) Stick to basics only.

Approx cost for two : 5000 Rs. with alcohol


Picture courtesy – Zomato

Location- Juhu Hotel , Mumbai

An Oldie when you talk about places. #RazzberryRhinoceros has been there for years. I have been here a couple of times and you must go there only for the ambiance sake. It does have a really romantic vibe to it. Outdoor seating is recommended for obvious reasons. For food , I somehow have always been disappointed. Salads are pretty decent though.

Let me know what do you guys think about it.

Approx cost for two : 3000 Rs with alcohol


Picture Courtesy – Sloshout

Location – Juhu , Mumbai

Another beauty in Juhu. #Estella by far is one of most favorite places in #Juhu. Really fancy. On a regular day for the sea facing front table their blocking amount is 5k. So, please check for V day it must be very high.  This , according to me offers a better view that GDV and Razzberry Rhinoceros too. Food here is fabulous. Expensive of course. Offers the best view among the above three Juhu places for sure.

Must have : Sangria

Approx cost for two : 5000-6000 Rs with alcohol


Picture courtesy – Architectural Digest India

Location – Intercontinental Marine Drive , Mumbai

Definitely one of the most iconic places when it comes to sea view of Mumbai. Situated on the rooftop of #Intercontinental Marine Drive , this place is really great. Great for the view. And that’s where it ends. Menu is very limited ( even for a tapas bar ) and if you’re a vegetarian you’ll have a tough time. Service is okay.

Approx cost for two : 4000 Rs with alcohol


Picture Courtesy – Just Dial

Location – Intercontinental Marine Drive , Mumbai

Another one at Intercontinental Marine Drive, #Long&Short isn’t a rooftop restaurant however has an outdoor seating which overlooks marine drive. Its open till 3 am ( if I’m not wrong) serves decent cocktails. Food and service is pretty good too.

Approx cost for two : 3000 Rs. with alcohol


Picture courtesy – Just Dial

Location : Sea Palace Hotel ,Colaba

This had been our go to place in the past, however due to the new rules they have stopped serving alcohol in the outdoor seating that overlooks Gateway of India and the promenade . ( Sobbing )

If you are okay to skip the drinks then this place is still a gem. One of the best views in the stretch. And definitely pocket friendly !!

Approx cost for two : 1500 – 2000 Rs. with alcohol


Picture courtesy – Zomato

P.S. – I have listed only those places , which I have personally visited.

Happy Valentine’s day to you all 😊

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