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Sushi that is Pocket Friendly @ KUAI Kitchen

Place : KUAI Kitchen

Location – Colaba , Mumbai

24th April 2017

#Sushi has always been associated with expensive food. At least till now. But things are changing and a big thanks to Neville Vazifdar & Team for this really economical option for authentic Asian Food.

Tucked in busy streets of Colaba Causeway , Kuai Kitchen is the newest addition from the family of Royal China. It’s a really tiny outlet that seats max fifteen people. Its more of a takeaway place. However if you decide to sit back and eat , you would be impressed with their service. Known for their authentic Asian food , here at KUAI too , they have maintained the high standard and quality food.


We were invited to review recently and here are the details –


Veg. Tom Yum Soup – Perfectly made. Lemon Coriander aromas from the soup , abundant vegetables and the semi broth consistency. Yumm!



Spicy Papaya Salad – The most basic and the tastiest salad for sure ( only if you like spicy food ) had every thing, crunch of ground nut, textures of Raw papaya , spiciness of the chilli. I refused to let go of this from our table 😉



Truffle Edamame Dumpling – Truffle , not a very common ingredient generally ,  is used in these beautiful dumplings. Beautiful because of the crystal clear appearance. Very creamy and once you pop into the mouth you savor on this delight.


Vegetable Dumpling With Coriander – My favourite dumpling of all kinds as this one has right amount of mixed veggies. Kuai speciality of adding waterchest nut which gave a crunch.



Asparagus Tempura Roll – Nori sheet that enclosed a thin layer of Asparagus and Tempura batter . Tempura made its inner crispy. Delicate and beautiful.



Dynamite Tofu – A Wasabi preparation of Tofu. Presented really well but taste wise didn’t work well for us.


Vegetable Lettuce Wrap – This was the first time I had a lettuce wrap so when it was brought on our table I was delighted with its sight. Glazed Lettuce leaves curved inwards. Mixed vegetables – Celery , Corn , Waterchestnut , Carrots along with herbs on the bed of thin rice noodles. Tangy dip. All you have to do is assemble it and just EAT !!



Mushroom Pot Rice with KUAI  Special Mixed Vegetables-– Well , pot rice is what we ordered and thought will be more than enough but the server insisted we also opt for KUAI special mixed vegetables. A thoughtful recommendation. Not that rice was basic or needed a gravy. It was really homely warm delicious pot rice with moist mushrooms – Shitake and buttons and a good portion.

Mixed Vegetable was a black bean gravy with perfectly cooked big chunk vegetables and greens.



Nutty Banana & Nutella Cake – THIS ! should not be missed. It was so good that we kept praising it and listening to us , two tables around us ordered it too. Banana Cake that had Nutella in it ( nuts were missing though.) Served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream , Banana pieces and Chocolate Sauce. Heaven !



  1. Very very economical

  2. A range of Sushis and Dumpling

  3. Authentic food

  4. Humble staff

  5. High quality ingredients

  6. Great for takeaways


Taste – 4.7 /5

Ambiance – 3 /5 ( Actually NA)

Service –  5  /5  

Value for money – 4.7 / 5

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