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Spare ME  Kitchen!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Spare Kitchen  

Location : Juhu , Mumbai  

30th October 2016

On a Diwali Noon along with a bunch of colleagues we ended up at Spare Kitchen. Apart from us there were only two more tables occupied. I guess this was a Diwali trend this year that most places I visited turned out to be quite empty.

There is not much to the ambiance. They believe in minimalism I guess. However its pretty.  Pipe music for some reason kept going on and off.

What we had –

Mushroom Cappucino with Masala Pav – A frothy , Earthy Soup for soul as I would call it. Really flavourful. Was a lil runny as far as the consistency is concerned. Instead of giving bread sticks or garlic bread this soup was accompanied with Masala Pav a Very Maharastrian Version with loads of butter and coriander. Yumm!


Tandoori Stuffed Mushrooms – In spite of having a good taste , I didn’t like it much as the Mushroom wasn’t cooked properly.

As mentioned earlier there were hardly any tables occupied at that point of time hence I couldn’t understand why they had to under-cook the mushrooms.

Pav Bhaji Toastadas – Super cute. Absolutely gorgeous presentation and for taste full marks too. ( Can do better with portions though)


Burnt Garlic Malai Paneer Tikka – Good. Not Great. Just another Paneer Tikka.

Dal Makahni – Very Rich and perfect. We were too full by this hence thought a Dal Tadka would have been a better choice.

Coorgi Paneer – As I wanted to try something new , we opted for this. A very peculiar curry leaves taste. Interesting as I hadn’t tasted anything like this before.

Kadhai Velvet Seekh Masala – Quite decent.

Bread basket – The chili cheese paratha was toooo good ! 3 Cheese Kulcha was also great and SO was Vadapav Masala Parantha.

Finishing our meal we chose Chef’s Desire Crème Brulee – Could have been more creamy.


Sea Salt and Caramel Kulfi with Spicy Rasgulla. – This was totally the highlight of our lunch.  Brilliant combination of rock salt with ordinary Kulfi making it Extra Ordinary. Spicy Rasgulla giving it Crazy texture. Highly recommended.


What works for the place – Location being Juhu. It’s a huge huge place. Seating divided in different sections. They also have a rooftop. Menu is a fusion concept having a good mix of Indian and Global food.

What doesn’t work – Service is laid back. Food takes a lot of time to come in-spite of reminders. Food portion are really meager and they are priced high.

Taste – 4 /5

Ambiance -4/5 

Service –  3 /5  ( They need to buck up ) 

Value for money – 3.5  /5 

I’m not sure if it’s gonna take another visit to change my mind. But for now based on this visit. That’s that !

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