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SOBO’s new PAN ASIAN Adda @Upstairs Mumbai

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Place : Upstairs 

Location Tardeo , South Mumbai    

24th September  2016

Asian food is something I really really love ! Upstairs, as fancy as it sounds really created the buzz even before it launched. I was excited to check it out from the moment I got my hands on their super cute and Personalized Invite. It takes extra efforts to have such minute details go into these invite and the mention of 15 food destinations really got our foodie world geared up.


On 24th September , I had a chance to visit Upstairs along with fellow foodies. Located in SOBO , this place has a really nice vibe to it. A modern swanky indoor area with a sexy bar counter and a relaxed laid back rooftop space. We had a quick round of the entire Restro Bar and chose to settle at the rooftop. Music played suits the mood.

Their cocktails is what they boast and why shouldn’t they. They have a really vast variety of cocktails. So all the ladies out there there is plenty to choose from.

We chose to go for their signature Cocktails instead of classic ones. What we had –

Water Pipe – A smoky drink

Kireina – A vodka based cocktail with Galangal , Elder Flower and Apple Juice. This was pretty good.

Chinese Tea Pot – Served in a beautiful tea pot another vodka cocktail seemed interesting but the flavour was average.


Chinese Tea Pot

Upside Down – I quite liked this it had a strong flavour of strawberry and herbs and this was served with Nachos on Top. Interesting eh !


Upside Down

Charcoal Sour – Suits the name. That smoky charcoal flavour is very prominent with the orange and whiskey and Kaffire Lime.


Gold Fish Martini  –  A herb infused Galangal that was served over  a fish bowl and it actually had a fish in it. Didn’t know what purpose it served.


Tom Yum Phaka Soup– This thai soup with flavours of Lemon grass , galangal & basil was great with flavours but runny for the texture.


Som Tom Salad – A raw papaya salad with a hint of chillies makes a must try


We tried both the Veg Crystal and Chicken Coriander Momos – They both were average. Chicken Coriander was better among the two.


Cottage Cheese Chilli Pepper – Your regular paneer Chinese preparation however taste wasn’t so regular. Goes pretty well with the drinks


Vegetable Murtabak was the absolute favourite as it really tasted refreshing. This Malaysian delicacy was a good combination of Spicy Sambal and stuffed vegetable bread. Loved it.


Jasmine Burnt Garlic Rice with Asian Stir Fry is what we had for mains however we insisted on serving another portion of Sambal which was perfect for our rice.


Why one must go here –

They do have a great variety for specializing in Pan Asian cuisine in its true sense.  They specify the country of origin when a particular dish derives from.So for someone who wants to start from scratch this is a cool place to begin with. Ideal for weekends.


Taste – 3.5 /5

Ambiance – 4.5 /5

Service – 4 /5

Value for money – 4 /5 

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